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Greetings fellow e-surfers,

Since the nature of this blog is to help people avoid getting ripped off by fraudulent websites, I thought it would be better to start with an article about a website that has caused great commotion among the car aficionado community Super Replicas.

Super Replicas claim to be a company located in Panama, dedicated to sports & luxury cars replica construction with state of the art technology. I first learned about them a while ago by searching replica kit car makers on the web, and they amazed me with the detail shown in the pictures of their replicas and the extremely low price tags on their products -$20K US, however, as I began researching this company’s exact location, manufacturing process and products specifications I came across several inconsistencies such as the following:

While reviewing the pictures and videos of their facilities and building process, I couldn’t help to notice that at no point they show images of the actual replicas being crafted or a finished product, instead I found images of an old car being stripped down in pieces in what seemed to be an average mechanical  garage, a bunch of welded steel tubes in the ground that in no way could possibly constitute a functional tubular steel chassis, and finally photoshop-altered images of their staff with not a replica but the actual sports car.

This concerned me deeply so I turned to public forums in the web for information about this company, and found a blog in particular that caught my attention Chiriquí Chatter, mainly because it’s written by an American living in Panama who at some point got an email asking him to check if Super Replicas information were accurate in order to make business with them. Now this fellow took the trouble of making an appointment with Super Replicas staff to take a tour of their operations, at the end of which he did not see any replica car, but they promised to call him three weeks later to take a ride in a finished car, however eight weeks after that he hadn’t heard from them nor seen any replica car.

Afterwards, I decided to make a final review of the information I had gathered so far in order to make an objective opinion about Super Replicas, and I noticed they also offer concept car replicas which to my knowledge would be impossible to replicate since these vehicles are prototypes that have not been released to the market, disturbing facts that led me to believe Super Replicas is running a scam operation over the internet taking advantage of the dreams of car enthusiasts all over the world.


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  1. lets stop that panama´s Piece of junk i dont want to see a ferrari horse with five legs!!!

    thanks for put me on day whit super replica i think that there are a lot of that kind of company on internet its good that somebody catch them!! thank you!!

  2. Calling the operation a scam at this point may be premature. I have yet to hear that anyone has ordered a car and has not received one and lost money. At the same time, I have hot heard of anyone that has ordered a car and received one.

    If it is a scam, they have gone to a lot of trouble in setting up three locations in David. I am not saying it is a real operation or not. I don’t have enough information to make that judgement.

    As with any business, operating over the Internet, it is wise to make sure that you know who you are dealing with.

    Given time, your scam claim may prove to true or false.

  3. Hey guys check it out seems like they got one sucker!

  4. It is sad that the other kit groups so desperately trying to marr the name of Super Replicas by producing such scandals and hysteria instead of showing how good their own kit cars work is. it says alot if you are that good and your product is so nice you have no need to worry about Super replicas taking your clients away.

    • Super Replicas is a SCAM that’s so poorly done it’s amazing that people are falling for it. However, this does n’t make it right, and I’d be happy to read that the some good old justice was dispensed in a garage (think St. Valintines Day, Chicago). Their latest video claims a 3 year warranty that includes coverage for crashing the car. Are you on CRACK?

  5. I have a friend in the US at he moment, he is close to San Mateo. This is apparently where they have an office, so he will be checking it out over the weekend.

    The only reason I still keep investigating is the fact that they have buildings etc. If you get scammed obviously you are going to put the cops on them, its not illegal to buy from them is it? So if anybody got scammed for real this operation would have been stopped ages ago…

    So I will post as soon as my friend calls me, it will be over the next couple of days.

  6. How many customer have benn happy with your work Super Replicas?

  7. i have proof that they are real

    email me i will send pics that i have of half built cars, full built cars right at super replicas

  8. I have emailed this company asking questions, the response that I got was pay the money in the “steps” when the car was finished they would ship it to my house “FREE” and if I wasnt happy with it I could send it back for a full refund ha. This company sounds like crap and I dont trust them. Check out this site, its independent builders and owners sellin Lambos.

  9. Haha you lot are full of it none of any person that accuses supereplicas of being fraud or scams has actually had or seen any proof to confirm of anything being wrong…. you are just all hateing because you carn’t even afford a replica lol Muhahahahahahaha!!!!!! if its such a scam how come they say you can come and choose your options for building at the start and can visit whenever you feel, if there was no supereplicas in panama like you say why would they give you the chance to go there first!! you donuts can sit here talkin rubbish but me…. im gona buy one soon enough so when your driving your toyota mr2 and im in lets say…. a gallardo spyder… ill wave at you lol hahahaha!….and also lamborghinireplicas is also the same as supereplicas you should do your research first.. you no im good lol

  10. if anyone has any questions im sure i could answer them clearly and correct, so fire ahead.

    • Check out my post (20 May 2009) for proof of fraud.

      Send my son his $28000.00 back.


    • you no the video of the basketball player coming to superreplicas and actually seeing and trying that car, hows that fake wouldnt he already be arrested for being a part of a big scam, if this shit has been going for so long wouldnt they be booked already??

  11. Please send me what u have on super reps. Thanks!

  12. Anderw who do you work for ?

  13. i did order a gallardo , i sent 8k US and after this i went to Panama and guess what , there’s is no such thing as super replicas , they got my money but i will find them

  14. I KNOW they are for real – they have THREE cars on order for my son:
    1 Reventon, 1 Enzo and a IP640 – I’ve seen the production photos, and a video. They will be in the UK in about 3 weeks. My Son has been invited across to David – at their expense – to see them in production.
    Just stop all this ‘scam’ junk. The only ones who complain are ‘cheap kit car’ firms that cannot match SR for quality and price.

  15. Tom I think for everyones satisfaction some of those photos should be put out so we can see thats its real. u can understand till then how some many are thinking its a fraud

    • How wrong I was. (see my email of October 24, 2008 at 7:24 pm)

      They are FRAUDSTERS

      My son sent the money direct to their bank (we have the receipts). After many false promises and deadlines etc. Still no cars. This is almost a year now.
      Lawyers have been instructed and the Panamaian authorites are assisting – wait events for the upcoming court case.

      Please DON’T give them any money – you WILL lose it

  16. Super Replica has told me that they will have an showing of autos in early November. If they do, I will be there and take photos. If they don’t have the show, I will report that as well.

  17. hi i want to buy car frome superreplicas ????

  18. I want to see some pictures NOW. I am going to buy something soon and I want proof. I live in Michigan and I’m not flying down there. I hope their real and have quality work.

  19. Hi,
    Firstly those idiots who are moaning “I want a buy a car from supereplicas,” should shut up and suck on a lolly, because if you want one then go get one!!!

    Secondly, for those that are saying they have ordered the cars or have ordered should batter there heads in concave shape and fly to Ichatshit planet.

    thirdly its “LOUD” and “CLEAR” Super replicas are cons. Replicas are illegal and if one produces or has one then authoritys will jump in however if one is to order a real bugatti its 2 years waiting list as this is how long it takes to make 1, but funnily enough these sods make them in 1 month, hummm funny 🙂

    so dont bother…

  20. So people what is the final verdict? are they for real or not?

  21. Any legit Kit Car Company would be happy to display ongoing build photos to satify current and perspective customers. Having someone that has been to David multiple times and him still not to have seen a actual car in process looks bad to me. On another list people were worried if this guy got killed, threatened, or ??? because he was going again to David and did not hear from him again. Glad he seems to still be alive on this list, but still no photos, no one that has actually seen one of the 300 cars they say they have produced over their 30 years in the business. Any thing can be photoshopped now and from all I have seen so far it looks like shots from the Lambo Factory, Promotional Videos from the actual manufacturers, and car shows. If they are for real they are not following through on anything that actually seems to exist. Anyone that has received a car or actually been there needs to come forward or no one would be stupid enough to buy sight unseen.

  22. So why is there never an answer to the #1 question? Don Ray did you see the cars in person, are you convinced, photos? You do not have to make a conclusion just supply facts that would make us all happy. Thanks

  23. hi,

    came across superreplicas site, kinda impressive website with all their contactual promises , photos etc.”Seems too good be true”, i ve delat with such situation before belive me.was thinking sending an enquiery email & accordingly following-up same but from all feedback am getting with substantial facts, questions, reasons to doubt such an establishment. its getting clear thre something wrong here. i am based outta dubai, i never heard 300 cars or yet one car sold here or others, in that volume. kindly advise who are authentic kit car manufacturers..cheers..

    • Don’t waste your money
      Check out my post (20 May 2009) for proof of fraud.

      • they have offered me a bwm E71 and M6 cabrio I am from Abu Dabi but not buyin some s*t cons, it is all fake receive messages so some reads em but no pics of any cars only links.

        Hey Tom please post proof of your linky. thx

  24. Last week on ebay it looked like SR had packed up and moved to Florida. Some guy claiming to be an X pro ball athelete was trying to get over $120,000. for the same type of cars as SR. Better photos, but when asked to see one or even one being built it got very funny claiming that the builder does not want anyone to know they are building cars. This week they are off ebay. I wish there were a safe place for customers to shop without the fear of being ripped off.

  25. Watch these and prove that they are not real.

  26. And you can try their phone # too.

  27. hey this is a BIG,very BIG scam!they are not real.I decided to sell my house and buy a Ferrari Enzo replica from them,but thanks to God before doing that,I searched the internet to see if anyone bought a car from them…and everybody says that super replicas are scammers.Imagine…I was on the way to throw my money away…and remain without my house!I wanted to buy that damn Enzo and sell it,and so on…I mean a bussiness.You cant imagine how happy am I because I didnt gave them any money!I am glad that they didnt took any money from me…but I am sure that many people have sent them alot of money!and gotscammed…all they are showing on their site appears to be true but…IS NOT!please dont give them any money!you better buy a normal car like bmw 325 or audi A5 instead of giving them that money and remain without nothing!damn I cant believe that in this world exists this kind of people!I hope they will go to jail for the rest of their life!they deserve this!nobody knows how many people the scammed.believe me,even if their site sows real things,they are not theirs!everything is fake!I am sure they are very rich from this…I have some emails from them.they sound very polite but they do this to make you trust in them and give them your precious money!my yahoo messenger id is princeofpecica,contact me and I will send you screenshots with all the emails I have from them.and you can search on google ,,supereplicas scam,, (as I did) or supereplicas me,you better keep your precious money,or buy a real,dont be so silly to send your money to that scammers!

  28. I am a big time scammer that likes to use pictures of real cars to pretend they are replicas. Supereplicas is a scam, and I enjoy it.

  29. look at this video….. i think this company is not a scam

  30. These losers at SR are playing on car enthusiasts emotions. I am determined to acquire one of these cars. I am cosidering locating a team of experts in bodywork and mechanics who are interested in starting a legitimate company here in the U.S. I have investors, but I have to show a clear commitment to a strong workforce with proffessional expertise. Send me a comment.


    • Funny thing is that he is not an NBA player! He is a PBA thats smalltime LOL

      • uhh wrong he mami heat drafted him but he withdrew because he was going through some problems thats good enough for me

  32. take my blog off this fucking list, i don’t want someone email me ever fucking day!!! its a scam get it through your head

  33. Right now i have established a good contact to the one guy there and everything seems perfect. I am ready to buy many cars and pay them. I really think that you Guys just want to make this SUPERREPLICA company bad.

    In the Video u can see that everything is real. I mean, they working on the cars, how it can be fake?

    Sunny greetz from the MiddleEast,
    Sheikh M

  34. If this is not a scam then why cant anyone find a person who has bought a replica from super replicas?

    On another note someone on this blog said that replica’s are illegal, is that true?

    • they are not illegal, the tax collectors office has a catagory to have them registered, tagged and titleded, under scv (special constructed vehicles). i actully wanted one of these super replicas. damn scammers

  35. I want everyone to read this very closely.

    1. How are payment’s made to Super Replicas.

    A. Via Paypal.

    Important….Paypal covers your transaction for fraud. Email Paypal before payment to verify.

    If Super Replicas was a fraud, Wouldnt you think they would use an internal credit card payment system not Paypal.

    2. NBA star visits Super Replicas.

    A. NBA player see’s all the operation’s and is too happy.

    Imagaine if the NBA Player used false remark’s, his career would be destroyed by the press.

    3. On youtube two Super Replica’s team member’s drive out of the premise’s in a fully finished final product orange Lamborghini Gallardo.

    Most important…..It seem’s either kit manufactures are very very afraid of Super replicas and are causing havour on the internet.

    From a legal side ” SLANDER ” is wordwide and can be prosecuted to the full extent.

    If there are no hard fact’s of fraud by Super Replicas withhold your comments until you have solid fact’s with proof.

    It could evolve into one of the largest legal battle’s in kit manufacturing ever seen.

    • Proof given of their con – see my post (20 May 2009)


    • I have several expensive cars but for kicks I thought I would purchase a car from SR. The conversations started out great. Now after several request to meet them at their shop I have not received any reply’s. I have always asked for at least one picture of their work with no success. What kind of company operates this way. It is a real shame but it seems that just like everyone is saying they don’t exist. I own a large corporation and could never survive doing business like this. No one has ever produced a car purchased from them.
      I wish this was not true.

  36. Super replicas hits back hard to al non believe’s.

    Finally complete car photo’s, finished products for all people to see at the drifting car show.

    Please see on you tube.

    To all those who gave super replicas a hard time. We all now know you are the competition car ket maker’s who are very afraid of Super Replicas.

    Guess what Super Replicas have blown you out of the compeition.

    I am smiling so much…………………….

    • If SR is not a fraud- then sue me as I will follow you all over the net until you repay my son’s $28000.00 you stole!

      Check out my post (20 May 2009) for proof of fraud.

      • Hey tom i talked to to tony and he said ur son is not recieving his cars cuz he didn’t pay the full price for both of them he only paid 28 thousand out of the 40 thousand that he owes…

  37. The NBA player did not buy a car ok. Please note the NBA Player didn’t order a car. The guy went to go check out your company and now you are using him and his image to trick clients. The car you show are old ass kits that anyone can.

    Super Replica where is an all new car that you have built new design from the ground up. The Gallardo in the pic is not your car. It looks like you are at the Dr. Office and you are viewing someone car. And in another one of your photos you are at a real dealership.

    The Enzo you show just one half of it one side. the Revton just the front clip. And the Buggatti Veyron just the clip again. The cars look as they are using some type of tape.

    Google Super Replicas Scam or Scammed Me and other key words.

    The NBA guy didn’t buy the car from you. I think I will contact and tell him that you are trying to close deals off his image as a scam.

    Last Fact I noticed you online 2 yrs ago and you said you have been building for 30 yrs. Q. I would like to know why can’t now one on planet Earth see one of this new cars that you have designed.

    Old ENZO and MURI and any other bodykits do not count because you can easily copy the other bodykits that are on the market now.

    Make a replica that no one has made The Muri and the Gallardo doesn’t count because people are making them now. Who know you could have ordered there body kit and copied it. So lets see what you guys can do I’m so sick of all your talking

  38. hey im thinking of buying a car from these guys
    can really be a scam i am cautious it appears noone has bought a car or been ripped off either i am confused

  39. i thought you guys would help but i am even more confused now, lol

  40. How come EVERY SINGLE person that claims they are going to get pictures… or call a friend who lives in panama and report back as soon as they have something…..NEVER comes back? Like Don Ray (above) how come no reports, no real evidence for or againsto, no nothing that is actual facts…just a lot of bullsh|t. Every single superreplica scam site or blog has at least 3 guys claiming they will “be back” with PROOF!!!! Yet…. no proof exists that they are real or fake. No one knows for sure. But everyone has an opinion. Can anyone say Salem witch trials. There are no facts just opinions and then “BURN AT THE STEAK” How about ONE person just saying here are pictures. How about ONE person saying I got scammed with PROOF. how about ONE person researching their company name with PayPal to see how many fraud charges have been filed. Something? Anything?

  41. I just read where SR is claiming to have a new Hyperdrive battery charger for their Tesla replica. This is supposed to be some type of regenerative charging system built into the car so that you never have to charge the car. 😀 So this little company in Panama has solved the world’s energy crisis!! LOL! I have been an engineer for 30 years and have designed electric vehicles for Ford and this is scientifically impossible. So if you are looking for proof that they are lying, you have it. They are now saying that they have created a perpetual motion system (which does not exist in the real world). Now I have heard it all. So if any of you still want to send them money, I am sure it will help the local Panama economy.

    • Hi Todd,

      I have an idea for a hybrid car and noticed you on this blog stating that you are an engineer for electric cars. Is their a way you and I can meet I will fly out to where ever you are located. I have the concept and am willing to bring you in as a partner. Thanks.

  42. Actually, Mike… I would love to see a finished froduct of a Murci or gallardo…


    a) I want a Gallardo Spyder
    b) It would prove that they ACTUALLY DO MAKE CARS
    c) That would give me enough clause to take a chance on them…

  43. Product* (shut up)

  44. yo i got email sayin custom options i wanted, and if you really can do it haters, get to panama, and buy the damn thing, let me tell you this, when mine comes to vegas, and it is custom whatever it is? say something then, i will post hd video, there in panama, and on the canal when it is shipping, and in las vegas when it comes here, quit tryin to be haters on the minority they can do anything they want with cars, they been doin it forever, stop the bs, buy one, and shut up, if you got the cash that is, lata, j biggs, in vegas doin it

  45. PLEASE, PLEASE, see my comments above.

    This company will soon be in court for fraud. I would be only too willing to upload all emails etc from SR and (where possible) from lawyers acting for us. Likewise correspondence with the Panamanian government and their police / fraud departments.

    DON’T trust these con artists.

  46. My name is Tony Sinclair and I am an employee at Super Replicas We have received a letter from a concerned customer regarding the scam busters claims.
    Thank you for writing to us this information is from a group of racist Americans who hate Arabs and Muslims and hate Mexicans. These people are very jealous because they make kits and their kits are inferior and bad quality and they charge high prices so they want to say bad things about us and say we work with Muslim terrorists and we are bad people because we sell cars to Arabs.
    Regarding the bogus article please note that the individual has not shown his name.
    The reason why this individual is attacking us without showing his name is because he wants to discredit Super Replicas and he knows it is illegal to slander a legit company without true facts.
    Fact number one we have various people who are our spokesmen and none of them look like 12 years old.
    Please visit our spokesmen videos at








    Number 2 fact we are not a fraudulent website we are legit we have a legit company they say we do not exist but you cannot have a business bank account if we did not exist. The lies of this character are because he is working for the competition to discredit Super Replicas.
    The blog here refers to is from other kit builders who hate Mexicans, Arabs and Muslims they are from America and they charge high prices for the bad quality cars this is a fact.

    Number three fact we do show finished products from our facility please visit
    these racist people just lie to say we cannot make a concept car but where did we get the ability to make the moulds for the concept California Ferrari

    or the ability to make the bugatti veyron

    or the moulds for the reventon

    these videos prove we exist and we make concept cars
    this person saying all these bad things because he hates us you can see it when he talks about us he is angry and full of lies to try and make new customers believe we are bad people.
    Why all the hype about Super Replicas?
    It is unfortunate that I need to write a rebuttal, but there are certain individuals posing as concerned citizens hiding their names so they can slander our company without being exposed as having a conflict of interest and also because they know posting misinformation and lies to discredit a legit company is illegal. Defamation is illegal (also called calumny, libel, slander, and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. Slander refers to a malicious, false and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.

    • SUE me then.

      You are fraudsters – you know me and I will follow this company ithrough any name changes throughout the world until you return the $28,000.00 US that you stole from my son by fraud. Check out my post (20 May 2009) for proof of your fraud.

      Better get to it soon – we have lawyers in Panama working for us and in the USA and UK. You are going to get a huge bill and a lot of terrible publicity and possible jail time.

      We will get you!

      Tom Allsworth

  47. Your videos prove nothing. A 10 year old kid could make better videos than this. Trying to hide behind big words like racism and defamation will not work. You claim to have created a purpetual motion charging device for your electric replica. This is pure nonsense. This is enough for me to know that you are frauds. This is scientifically impossible. So anyone who sends SR money at this point is just wanting to throw their money away.

    • Are you guys kidding. These videos are the worst fraud videos I have ever viewed in my live. Like the one of their “offices” where the woman in the jeans and tube top is “working” on new designs. The ripped of videos of concert performers. The fact that you can not post comments on youtube pages about them. NEVER NEVER NEVER wire money. Never. Look at the title touch the product and take it home with you then and there. Stop getting ripped off people. As far as a law suit you will not get money from them. They probably do not even live in Panama.
      ALSO,,, buy american. looking for cheeper things to buy outside of our country for so many years is why this country is such a wreck. If you can afford it don’t buy it. for gosh sakes your are already not buying the real thing which is stealing. It’s copy right infringement. Build your own design from the ground up, make the molds and everything. You will be much prouder of yourself in the end. Thats what I am doing.
      ps. good luck getting your money back. really good luck. That really sucks.


    Your company owes my son $28,000.00 taken by you as deposit for cars. See copy of your email.


    2008/9/29 Super Replicas

    hello Sir,

    Also the current balance of the two projects LP640 replica and the Enzo
    Ferrari replica.
    Enzo Ferrari replica total price is US$ 33,000
    Paid US$14,000
    Balance outstanding is US$19,000.

    LP640 replica total price is US$32,000
    Paid US$14,000
    Balance outstanding is US$18,000.

    Total balance outstanding is US$37,000

    bye for now
    Tony Sinclair


    Despite promise after promise and even his altering the order to help you, you still failed to build a car let alone ship one. (Yes he even arranged for shipping etc himself – but you already know that). You have been informed that you are in breach of contract and a formal request for the refund of the deposits paid ($28,000.00) has been made to no avail. Your scam has cost my son a lot of money – the deposit, and orders in the UK of well in excess of £2,500,000.00 and his good name.

    You say you have a name to trust – HA HA – you don’t even begin to know what the word means.

    I do not hide, my name is Tom Allsworth (but you already knew that) Now try and sue me!

    Pay my son what you owe him ($28,000.00) before it gets to court if you have any sense.

    If anyone cares to make use of this in another forum please feel free to do so – this company must be stopped from ripping off people.


  49. Hello Tom, I wish you luck with this issue. I have been posting this blog in other blogs about SR as a example of how these guys are nothing more than frauds and scammers. I have read about some scary stories about people who showed up to see SR themselves. When they took out cameras, they were run out of the shop and threatened. They were in fear of their lives. They did not make an appointment with SR. They showed up during the day to see what was really going on. Again, good luck with getting your son’s money back. Thanks

  50. Thanks Todd,
    I will keep the forum informed as to events.
    It just makes me mad to think such scams exist. My son could well do without losing that much money.


  51. Super replicas is the biggest scam I’ve seen in kitcar history. Stay as far away as possible from them.

    I want Chris Hansen to do a report on these guys someday and show the world how they are scaming people out their money.

    Secondly the Revention and LP640 Replicas are actually reSCULPTING over other replica bodykits including the Triangle G design(Lamborghini replica) and trying to pass them off as their own.

    The shop they are using is a Truck and Auto shop. basicly a chop shop from what I’ve heard.

  52. Hello Tom,

    First of all, I’m sorry for what happened to your son, I wish you both the best of luck, and hope you can solve this problem soon.

    Also I’d like to thank you for sharing your experience with us, I think it might help people see SR for what it really is a huge scam.

  53. Thanks for your good wishes.
    I think it says something when, after all Sinclairs hot air about legal threats, he shuts up when challenged.

    Paperwork now arrived from Panama Govt. re SR. They also know it to be a fraud scam! Their police are gathering evidences. Wait for fireworks.

    BTW – Tony Sinclair has connections in Australia and we are following that line up as well – leaving him no place to hide. He is also known to the FBI in the USA.

    More information to follow.

  54. hello Mark,
    unfortunately I have been very sick the past couple of weeks so I may have been slow to answer your emails at times, but now we have a serious problem, because someone is posting confidential information about your two cars on scamline
    The person claims to be a Tom Allsworth could you please confirm this so we can clear this matter up. Is this really your father?
    Sorry for the questions if it isn´t we kindly ask you to refrain from exchanging information with people that might not have your interests to heart, but rather try and destroy the credibility of Super Replicas for clients paying the complete amount as agreed in the contract that is signed.
    We have at the moment one offender and we are suing for damages, so if you could let us know as soon as possible if your father had mentioned to a third party I would gladly appreciate it.
    I understand the LDS church policy regarding suing individuals is not recommended (as it is not turning the other cheek) which is a Christ-like attribute, and I respect your Church views that it is not morally correct to seek for vengeance according to the verse found in 1 Corinthians, chapter 6:verse 7 Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?
    There also seems to be many examples in your Book of Mormon of the Nephites falling into apostasy because of this grievous sin and the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith about this subject seems to also point out that the Melchizedek priesthood holders are to be forgiving and turn the other cheek which is a light to the world and example of the LDS faith, but we have been under fierce attacks from our competition and they have tried all manner of ways to prevent our clients from paying the balance of their outstanding accounts. We have seen the destructive slander and defamation being used as their tool to create distrust and contention, but we hope to get to identify them soon. The individuals have caused the loss of millions of dollars in sales for Super Replicas as new customers have read these false allegations and were turned off from us. We are suing the one offender for damages at this time and will seek others unless you recommend us that it is wrong according to the teachings of Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinckley I will kindly recommend his righteous example and we will back off as well but I do need your inspiration and leadership example on this issue please Mark.
    When do you think you could have the balance remaining on your debt paid so we can send you the two cars you ordered?
    Anyway hopefully the Lord will intervene, and a solution to your debt will be resolved remember the purchase agreement policy is very strict regarding the funds that they must be paid first and the balance paid completely before we can send you your cars, keep the faith and God bless you and your family. I have spoken with your dear father and he is a man I would not believe would write such things, he comes across to me as a man like the Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley who wants to get the Church out of obscurity and a very godly and righteous Saint, a man of a good Mormon example statue that focuses on Celestial things of fellowship and missionary work not ugly slanderous vengeance like the mobs that murdered your Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith. I have seen those ugly slanderous scandals against Mormon Church officials like those of the Salamander letters and findings about September 11th according to
    I admire the Joseph Smith´s ability to refrain from vengeance I want to follow that example.
    Please say hi to your dad (Tom Allsworth) you guys are my inspiration
    Bye for now
    Tony Sinclair

  55. What a load of crap. I got light headed just ready this list of BS.

  56. Is it just me or Tony Sinclair just gave a speech about mormon religion in an attepmt to avoid getting sued?.

    I’m sorry Tony but each and every time you post a message in this blog you seem more and more desperate, man, if you want to avoid getting sued deliver Tom’s son his cars, or at least give him his money back, and stop saying that crap about this blog being part of the “car kit companies” plot against Super Replicas, if it were, shouldn’t there be any kind of advertise of other car kit companies in the blog?.

    Anyways, as expected SR is nothing but a scam, our best wishes to those who believed in them, and remember you are all welcome to post your experience with them or your opinion regarding this matter.

  57. What really amazes me is that Tony still has the balls to ask for more money from the people he scammed. FYI Tony, just because you list a bunch of crap from the bible doesn’t make you an honest guy. It is just more smoke screen to try and cover up your scam.

  58. Well I live in Mexico City, and as you know, they said to have a Mexican “Facility” , so i Asked them to give me their address in Mexico and they anwered me that they can´t gave me the info because Clients were not allowed to visit their “facility”.

    It´s stupid!! if you are selling something then your clients should go and take a look !!! BUT NO!!! IN SUPER REPLICAS IT´S DIFFERENT!!! you can´t see their facilities!!

    I really hope this guys stop stealing money from our dream cars……DO NOT GAVE THEM MONEY.

    • thats funny cuz when i emailed them to ask if i can visit they politely said i can visit their facilitys any day except sunday, that is when they work. Of course i still believe that super replicas is the biggest scam in the history of kit cars.

  59. Gentlemen! Enough is Enough.
    Finally somebody on here got enough bread to prove or disprove the company in question. For those of you who dont know what bread is, that means $, or Money. Anyway Im not hear to brag, but I do have some illegal contacts that will be traveling with me down to Panama. We will be strapped and posted nearby if things get outta hand, but trust and believe we gone get some info, otherwise, Ill have to kidnapp an employee and demand for my flight to be paid as well as a convenience charge for waisting my time. I been sellin dope, and all kinda other illegal thangs, and one thing I know, People like the people I deal with dont have time to be waisted. You motherfuckers quit bitchin and moaning, since my man put me on to this Ive seen a bunch of women on this site talk bout what they gone do, so let me be a man for the rest of you. Ill get at you soon.Feel free to text my prime code phone 202-713 -0854

  60. I wish some one get an attitude about me wanting to make sure my investment is legit. So please note. Supercar Replicas I dont want no excuses. Yall been doin this shit for at least a year from what my people tell me, and throughout all the websites that do and dont work, i could care less. If you can do the car we good, if not, we got problems. Please also note Mr sinclair, feel free to email me discreetly if you are in fact , well, hustling like the rest of us, but you really dont have the actual product. I can respect that, my suggestions is be honest particularly with me. What ever you share with me is confidential, if in fact, well you know what I mean.

  61. Super Replicas Super Replicas ATT: I finally found a way for everyone to stop and deal with this super replicas.

    Please everyone open a Youtube account and sign up for all the free website you can and. And put info about how they are a scam and have the correct proof. Open different accounts on youtube and new one everyday upload 5 quick 1 min videos.

    Exposing this company with fact no lies because it will. And Title the videos like this Super Replica Is A Scam and and make sure you put there company name in the tags and all they other different dummy company names.

    If you make a solid good 5 videos and upload them everybody the same videos on a different free account the word will be out. This means if you do 5 videos a day that is 150 videos a month about them.

    Everyone that has a problem with this company make the video and reply to there video on Youtube. Do this shit for 60-90days and they are done.

    Everytime someone googles this company all this scam videos will come up about there company. Make YouTube Channel Called the Super Replica Scam

    And once the videos are made download them and share them with others shit these bitches down.

    If ten people do this for one month that is 1,500 videos about them.

    This is how you kill them stop all this fucking talking put these videos on their ass and they are done.

    Find every site that they are using search for pages in different markets like google UK and search all UK pages until you find all there dummy companies

    So please re post this or add new ideas to this and tell others thanks.

  62. ****** NEWS *****

    My son and I both, personally, received emails from Tony Sinclair threatening to sue us – We can’t wait to get to court -BG.

    He asked if the person above was really me – YES it is. I don’t hide under assumed names like someone we all know – Oh YES – does everyone else know that Tony Sinclair is not your real name???? Truth has a funny way of getting out. You can try and hide, but will not succeed.

    Please don’t attempt to bring the LDS church into this fiasco – you just show your stupidity. There are enough LDS lawyers itching to get at you and all the others that scam on-line.

    Mark has shown me your latest email to him – Don’t try to change things around. Like Mark said to you “This has been going on too long now.” – Refund his $28,000 US or see us in court. Papers have been returned to our lawyers in Panama and you will be served with them in a very short while. Just to let you know – we will be sueing not just for the $28,000 but for legal costs and for loss of earnings because of this scam. I think you already have the figure given to you but in case you have lost it – it will amount to well over $1,000,000.

    Mark and I would appreciate the readers of this blog to respond with their experiences of this company. The more the better. Lawyers will make use of them.

    So once again – now is the last chance you will have – refund the $28,000 US and I will stop this now and I will let everyone know that you did the honourable thing. Fail to do so and you WILL pay the price – big time.

    Tom Allsworth

    • Wish u the best of luck 😀 and btw Tony if ur reading this well lets just say if i was u i’d refund the 28 grand either then paying over 1 mill and getting jail time. Dont think you can get away cuz u wont.

    • Hey Tony man try giving them the full price they asked for see if u get the cars or no? because i think they didn’t send it because they want the full price

  63. Good luck to you and your son Tom! Go get them!!

    • Thanks Todd,

      I will have to upload TS’s email threat to us. The ball as they say is in his court (pun intended) BG.

      I doubt if he will reply to the above, he only has a few days.

      What’s the bet that he tries to shoot off to Australia or USA?
      Does he know what jail time in Panama is like? Lawyers tell us that he has broken a whole host of laws in Panama alone and should he try to drop off the radar it won’t succeed. It is not just us who are after him. BG


  64. I think that we would all love to see the email threat to you from TS. As long as you don’t think this will cause you any problems with your case against him. I agree, this guy is a greased pig. Hopefully, he will not have any place to hide this time.

    Hey Tony, where are you now? Come out, come out where ever you are.

  65. im sorry for douting you todd anyway go get them tom rip their balls off and get 1 million

  66. damn you tony !!! go piss someone else of why can’t you just give the kid his cars you said you could soon this mess will be close and you shall be in jail

  67. Hey guys, I am from Germany and I did want a gallardo replica from SR. But now I found this blog and I was shocked. Brrrrrr… Please keep me up2date 😉

    Now I am happy that I didn’t pay and searched with Google about SR intensively.

    Where can I really get my dream car? Sorry 4 my bad english^^..


  68. I think I can help resolve this ……….. Tony, if you can email me or post photos of the near ready car which is awaiting payment from Mark, I’ll refund Mark the money he paid to you and pay you whatever balance he still owes you; However, there is only one precondition – The payment will be made when the car has been inspected and ready for shipping to the States.Are you gmae for this?

  69. keep me up2date too 😀

  70. all i know is that no one has pics of an actual car made by super replicas.

  71. and why does super replicas use gmai??? they should have their own email like not



  74. Hi,
    I can only give a littel bit of an update – legal reasons.

    SR are being summonsed to court in the UK. The Panamanian & UK laws are recipricated. Judgement will be given and failure to comply will result in Sinclair & SR being held in contempt on both sides of the pond. All assets will be seized and as contempt of court is an arrestable offence, TS and others will be spending jail time. I wonder if he is looking forward to being someones ‘girl friend’ in Panama? So much else I would love to share with you all but it would not be wise at this moment – don’t want to give too much away.

    Tony – don’t try to justify your actions with an appeal to scripture. Theft is theft is theft. Just re-read the 10 commandments!

    Mark has just told me about your latest telephone conversation. Let me say this – no one has hacked into my computer or phone as you suggest. Our lawyers found your assurtion as stupid as we did. Anyway we look forward to watching you squirm in court (if you come) Your web site has been down-loaded for evidence along with phone conversations, emails and YOUR BANK DETAILS (Oh yes – wonderful what is forthcoming when placed into the hands of lawyers) etc.

    I guess that you know that you are being sued for losses incurred as well as the return of deposits paid. It is mounting up.

    BTW would you like me to pass on what you said about the owner of a kit car company in the USA being a porn merchant and a pedophile? I know that person would sue you as well.

    PAY UP now as we will get judgement and the costs increase many fold.


  75. Hey Tom, I see you haven’t posted in a while and I’m realy intersested on how this case goes. Im 16 and I am saving for my first car. I no, I should get a dinger so if I crash its cheap to fix. But I’m not sure I could settle for that. I saw SR and was intrigued. I wanted to by an Enzo. Could you post on here what is going on with this trial. I know I’m not going to buy from them now though.

    Matt Hall

    • hey man I am 16 too and i was going to save up for one year and get a lambo from them but i am not sure now. But listen bro u never know. for all we know the Tom guy could be working for another car kit company trying to put these guys out of business or he could be real but wouldn’t it be on cnn or there website would of been deleted by fbi speaking of fbi fbi would of tracked them down and kill em LOL

  76. You go Tom!!! Keep up the pressure on them!!

  77. Listen, Replica’s can be made and I have completed cars at turnkey cost to consumer for 36k$
    Unfortunately, It takes us at least 3 months per build and we can build 4 at a time. We are available with 3 open slots for september starts.
    We also pay for shipping free in US, sorry none for overseas yet.
    50% down.
    Choices include
    Murci 2 different types, 2000 version or the more up to date 2008 version

    Ferrari 360

    Aston Martin

    2 versions of Porsche Carrera

    And Lambo Diablo.

    We are available for serious buyers only, and we pay to fly to you at your convenience for contracting and Notary public of documents.

    Please feel free to contact us

    This is my personal email, will send pix only to those who are serious.

    Leave SR alone, its obvious that over 2 years people get all excited, know this they dont make cars.


    They may in the future, as I have been down there, and they do have a shop and they do have equipment, and I suppose they have good intentions, it just may be 5 or 6 years before they are trully in a position to get one done.

  78. I was so excited when I just found out about these guys and I was ready to fly to Panama to pay a visit to their shop! It’s unfortunate I wont be getting a car from them. I hope its no scam, but a big misunderstanding! I wanted the Reventon!!!!

  79. I found on the web the mexico facilitie, and because I live in Mexico I asked Tony to tell me where I can go and visit it, ando talk with Miguel Perez Mexican Manager from super replicas here in Mexico…..and he answered to me: Our Faclilities in Mexico can´t be visited by customers….HAHAHAHAHA , poor guy!!! He´s an asshole, a f¨ckin douchebag!! looser!!! TONY: Start working on something your family and friends are proud of, you can change , maybe right now you´re a piece of shit (i´m shure you are) but i want to encourage you!!! c¨mmon!!!! hahahaha….well speaking good news: to all my friends around the world I´m very happy becasue a really found in mexico a guy who really have murcielago, ferrari, replicas, etc…he deliveres it in 5 months, but his a great person, so whenever yoy came to mexico please tell me in this blog and i´ll contact you with this guy, he also can send them to USA. See you my friends and i also want you to encourage this fat guy with rotten ass , called TONY

  80. Maestro,
    Can you tell me more about your friend in Mexico?

  81. Hi Eric, I live in Mexico, and one day when I was making my research for super repicas I found a web page from them (which I cant find know) and in this web there was the picture from a guy named MIGUEL PEREZ and Tony said in this webpage that Miguel Perez is their manager from the mexico facilities….so I e.mailes tONY and he told me that I cant visit them, lok I´´l put a copy from my e-mail:

    They answered this:

    Debido a nuestra normativa de seguridad no podemos permitir que se introduzca en una de nuestras fábricas en Mexico (Due to our security norms you cant visit our mexican facilitie)


    ok entonces solo denme el telefono de mexico, Uds me dijeron que iban a traer a mi oficina un auto recuerdan? (Ok just give me your telephone from mexico)

    Cuando lo traen para verlo? Uds lo ofrecieron en uno de sus mails, y si su fabrica esta en Mexico no veo problema para que me enseñen uno aqui en México verdad? Digo uno como cliente puede pedir este tipo de cosas y más, entonces porfavor avisenme cuando me traen un coche aqui a mi oficina o cuando me marcan, ya tienen mi telefono y mi direccion.


    From: Super Replicas
    Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 2:46 PM
    To: Maestro
    Subject: Re: Miguel Perez from your Mexican facility

    Si desea visitarnos le necesidad de ir a la Ciudad de Panamá Panamá, porque nuestro México no son fábricas para el público sólo para nuestros trabajadores.



    No me han contestado mis ultimos 2 mails, si tienen telfonos en mexico donde los pueda ubicar o su direccion porfavor?


    From: Super Replicas
    Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 6:13 PM
    To: Maestro
    Subject: Re: Miguel Perez from your Mexican facility

    el mismo precio



    Estoy interesado en el Modelo LP640, si convertible cuesta lo mismo que coupe, pues entonces lo quiero convertible, pero si cuesta mas caro el convertible entonces coupé porfavor, o cual es la diferencia en precio? Y Uds le ponen la lona al convertible? es decir, es de las lonas que se quitan y se ponen a mano verdad?

    Y el color exterior sería amarillo, el color interior negro con amarillo y con aluminio.

    Cuánto sube de precio si quiero los cambios de velocidad al volante?

    Porfavor avisame cuando vendrian a mi oficina o bien si yo puedo visitarlos aqui en México.



    From: Super Replicas
    Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 1:11 PM
    To: Maestro
    Subject: Re: Miguel Perez from your Mexican facility

    Hola maestro
    Muchas gracias por su interes, para poder completar su orden necesitamos saber en que modela esta usted interesado, en el Murcielago o en la version mas reciente LP640 y si lo desea en convertible o coupe, tambien necesitamos saber el color que desea tanto en el interior como del carro en general.
    Super Replicas


  82. HI, just a little update.

    Guess who has gone to ground?
    Not to worry though. It just adds to the costs that SR will have to pay.
    As soon as judgement has been ordered, I will post it for the world to see – or you could pay up Tony, couldn’t you?


  83. Hey guys for further investigation , there is more than one tony sinclair refer that name to be a group of individuals

    Good luck with the case

  84. Hello Tom, stay on him like a bulldog! Don’t let go! 😀 Good luck

  85. guys we can all give in and track these fools down. my buddy radio tracked there phone call, some guy is living in florida by the name of Tony Sinclair , the third guy i talked to that day, this is a mafia group and a tip, they all go by the name Tony Sinclair, these fools are going to get it real soon. keep it up team.

    m0e I – sue us all if you can Tony Sinclair

  86. I have a 1999 Ferrari F355 Kit from Extreme cars I bought in 2006 and it goes on a 1990-1995 Toyota MR2-
    It’s in my fathers shop-it’s not fake.
    Who wants to build it for me?
    what will it cost?

    I am in Lawrence, Kansas USA
    I&I Customs in Lawrence Kansas has a great guy that does great body work told me he could build it for me-he’s done it before and said they look great-ironically enough-he’s repainting my antique mercedes, my fathers C3 corvette, repainted my sisters 2000 mits eclipse and I dont have any complaints-he’s SUPER CHEAP and a great guy-lives in one of my fathers rentals-has for 5 years or more-has a little daughter that swims in our pool etc.
    Anyway, due to the economy-he’s hurting and maybe some of you that actually want your dreams to come true could shoot me an email-he doesnt know I posted this-I’m actually volunteering at the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center and just bored at the reception desk looking up replica vids on youtube but researched this subject and well-here I am.
    again, I am if you want to email me-if he wants I can post his number but it’s his cell phone-his name is Darren
    I would also like a lamborghini murcielago replica but I’ll have to hold off for after law school…

  87. hey Tom , those have taken my $ 28,000 too !! God I thought i was the only one after all those months of false promises !!! Am from Dubai actually so I’ve sent them all the amounts through bank deposits , and those guys in SR have fooled me for the last 8 month , but now Am sueing them with the help of my embassy in DC / USA ….

  88. Hey Tom,

    Any update?


  89. today i have completed 3 months since i ordered a replica car from SR until now i didn’t get anything. Tony told me that the car will take only one month to be ready and then he will ship it to Dubai ?!? i need your help to guide me to do the right thing.

    can you tell me how did you sue them? i want to do same thing

  90. I dont know something tells me this company is real if it were fake then FBI would track them down and destroy them. If it is a real scam these people really went through alot and this is a very big scam. But i cant say anything because nothing happen to me yet. For all I know the guy that lost 3 cars could be working for another kit car company faking all of this to put the spanish company out of business but u never know.

    • I most certainly am NOT working for another kitcar company. Just trying to get justice for my son. As soon as sorted through the courts I will post the judgement on line for you and all others to see.

  91. why you didn’t post my comments?

  92. I suspect that Tony Sinclair is not the SR guy’s real name anyway.

    However, I have a suggestion: Why doesn’t Tony post photos of the finished or near finished cars that Tom’s son has paid $28000. I’m certain that if the cars have been completed and in a drivable state, there are loads of us visitors to this website who would payoff both Mr Sinclair as well as Tom’s son and take ownership of the cars.

    The ball is in your court ‘Tony Sinclair’, post some pics and I will personally pay for this cars on delivery to either San Mateo, CA or Atlanta, GA. Payment will either be by cash or transferred to your bank account after an inspection of the vehicles.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  93. ????

  94. I now see how these types of fraud companies get their money. Even after I have seen several people post about their experiences losing money to SR, there are still people out there just dying to send SR their money. The FBI could care less about SR for now. It would only be after someone very important got scammed by them would they do anything. Also remember that the FBI can do nothing to a company in Panama. If you are 16 and have saved up all your hard earned money, the last thing you want to do is send it to someone in another country that has shown in their videos that they are frauds. Do you really think that their “engineers” are really hot girls in shorts leaning over drafting tables all day? The reason that “Tony” cannot show pics of finished cars is because he does not have any. If someone tries to show me an actual Lambo sitting on a dealership floor and tells me it is their replica, then that tells me they are frauds. So if you really want to lose your money, go ahead and send it to them. It is obvious that you are not looking at this with an open mind. You want so badly to believe what they say that you will not see the truth.

    • Wow thanks Todd everything u said makes perfect sense. I guess i was fooled by my own mind. I would always think about having a replica lambo and driving it around looks all cool lol. And for that price it would take me a full year to get and i guess i was just happy and didn’t want to believe in the truth but u helped me open my eyes. I guess all there vids on youtube really tricked me. But i send a email to the Tony guy telling him if i can visit and he said okay just book an appointment because there very busy whats up with that?

  95. I am glad to hear that you are using your head now and not just going blindly into anything. I do have a suggestion for you if you really want an exotic car and are willing to save up money for it. This should also prove that I do not work for any other kit car company. Believe it or not (do some research), you can buy a real Ferrari for around $25K to $35K. You can buy a 308 or 348 for these prices. They may not be a Lambo Murci but they are the real thing. When you hear the sound of a real Ferrari V-8 engine, it is fantastic! So why give your hard earned money to some idiot in Panama when you can own a real exotic for not much more than what they are asking to scam you. Think about it.

    • Yeah thats true before the replica idea i was going to buy a 300zx that was the closest thing to a lambo for me but the real ferrari looks pree good to

  96. Hi Mohamed and all the others who have expressed support for my son. I did post a short reply to ‘ager arvio’ – I most certainly am NOT working for another kitcar company. Just trying to get justice for my son. As soon as sorted through the courts I will post the judgement on line for you and all others to see.

    Things work slowly and then speed up again. Just to let you all know that their bank account details have been obtained and also much of their personal details – personal wealth, property, place of birth, passport details etc.

    Have you noticed that SR don’t reply now? I understand that certain individuals have done a bunk and are trying to hide from lawyers and the Feds etc. Idiots!

    Our legal team have identified their properties and personal wealth and this is being used in court to obtain full compensation. As I did point out earlier – laws are recipricated between the UK and Panama and the US + many other countries. As such, they will lose their properties etc to cover our costs etc. In simple terms – Law officers will decend and remove them from their homes and business places that we have identified. The properties will then become subject to the court and sold to fund the judgement. (They won’y need homes – they will be provided for them by the State)

    To all those who have helped us with information I say thank you from my son and my self.

    When judgement becomes available for publication I will see if we can get the whole case, papers, judgements, costs, awards etc published to this site. If the webmaster would make contact with me I would appreciate it.

    We all need to know that SR are one of the biggest scam merchants in the world.

    Cheers Tom

  97. Thanks for the update Tom. It sounds like you are getting some where with these idiots. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Hey Tony, where are you now? Come out and tell us how great you are. Spout some more religious nonesense or whatever. Keep up the good work Tom.

  98. Hi Again, After 1 year looking real car kits I found just 2 real guys, the first one is in Spain , his name is Maximi Judez , he is real….but becasue of price I´ve just bought my first merce 1 kit in Carkitinc , its the murcielago kit, I wil arrive to Mexico City in 3 weeks, I´ve alredy bought my Fiero, so wish me luck! I´ll made the car by my own. I´ll be telling you everything about my kit and send pictures , so keep in touch, bye.

  99. Salam Mohamed …,

    i’m from UAE i need your help to provide me with the contact # of the person in our embassy in DC. i want to sue those guys they took around $21k from me !!

    • Hi mate,
      Contact me, my father, tom has bee on this site for some time, yes guys its me who has been ripped off by tony sinclair aka “super replicas reloaded”

      Thanks for all your support, as for anyne who is owed money by tony “our resident con-artist” please contact me thru my email.
      im gathering al the infomation and poor souls like my self that have been ripped off by tony.

      Hang in there, the good always win….


  100. Hmmm whats interesting is I read EVERY single post and everyone is asking the same question, show a picture. I have a better one if this company really does exist, show us a SALES receipt, bill of sale, something. I have not seen a single document from either parties showing proof of a sale or even an attempt of a purchase. This whole entire blog could very well be for entertainment. Now I know the law VERY well, (not internationally) and I have known people to get scamed of 10’s of thousands of dollars here in the good ol usa with the legal system not able to do ANYTHING!!!!!! The goverment is not here to hold our hands on what we spend our money on. Ever seen the commercial on tv where the guy try’s to sue a tailor company for buying a suit to expensive? The judge laughs at him. Tom Honestly I dont see u getting a penny back and it was a little foolish to fight your sons battles, he may NEVER grow up if you continue rescuing your son. Now by all means the ball is rolling all ready, You or them are going to owe the courts might as well take it to the end, but word of advice let your son be his own man. BTW $20k to me is alot of money, but for the courts its penny’s, So dont expect this to move fast as this may drag out for a long time. Another weird thing is wouldn’t the courts have put a halt to there website, phone numbers, e-mails? Don’t make much sense. Know there are alot of scammers out there for instance these invention company’s that claim can help promote your invention and even help you create it for $10-20k lol sounds almost like this company. If the idea was so great and can make millions why not make the product for free?? Or chose a product that the company KNOWS will make money? Stupidity’s. Look if this company were true firstly wouldn’t a replica idk $1.5 million dollar car that A looks the same B runs the same or better and C cost thousands and thousands less be all over the news, be in everyone’s drive way and celebs talking about them and promoting them? Also another thought is if the car REALLY sold for $20k and left there lot immediately increasing in value be sold for the highest price? What materials are the interior made from? Does it fade fast? whats the life expectancy for paints, wields, leathers, plastics, rims, tires, axles, motors, i mean TONS of stuff. When you buy a new or used car it has warranty for a reason, there is never a guarantee on anything except for replacement or repair. Geez there is so much wrong with this picture lol hmm there was something else, O YES i remember now 🙂 ^^ ok Have you ever been to lets say idk a cheep dollar storre and bought something from there to use it once or twice and it breaks! So even if this company where real, they have NO right or obligation to use quality parts that will last. They can be getting these so called vehicles from junk yards crashed with frame damage price being $400 dollars and having a cheap mold they keep using to make these bodys and spending a grand total of $3k to make this car now charging you $20k for there LOWEST package which hardly comes with anything. Here is another question SR, Can I buy the donor car myself, do all the lights, electrical, emblems, engine swap, tranny swap, suspension mods and EVERYTHING BUT the actual body modification and the fitting? And even I will deliver the parts myself, the other vehicle and sit in and watch EVERY little thing you guys do since I am getting my dream car and want it to be MY dream car not someone else’s job will u let me?. Well and since im spending at LEAST $20k. Its funny if you read there disclaimer it clearly states it can be delayed for parts or this or that and you have 14 days to ask for a refund if this does happen but im sure they wouldnt contact you till the 15th day! I dont know im a bit upset with this company in proving there worth! Come on really now people if this were real why would they not put up a real fight? Testimonials? receipts? Pictures, Ceo, Family, friends, lawyers? cars? anything? now its not illegal to make a replica people do it ALL the time, u can even label it as the real thing but when it comes down to it legally you have to say the truth. Remember if you buy something you own it, Its your property and you own the rights to name a saturn a benz if your heart feels like it. Please SR I WAS really interested in your webpage and if you can show me proof I will start putting money aside now and purchase one of your vehicles right away! BUT it has to pass some quality testing. IDK people I dont believe really close to any of these posting about i did this and that and tony this and bla bla, its like a soap or like 90210. O and I just cannot help but mention this one, it just bugged me so bad!!!! Hey mr ghetto guy, who left his phone number you are probably the biggest Moran on here lol talking about hustling and ur guy put u on and bla bla lol you are the biggest fake on here! you wish your petty nicks and dimes could even get u to zones 1oz or even birds! Im sorry people but that one needs to go! HERES TO THE FAKE HUSTLER!!! 😛 lol sorry I am puerto rican myself so I am no racist since we are mixed with black,Indian,french, spain,american,england um we are about everything so before a racist thought comes to mind while you go to respond to this if you do think about it and if you dont believe me, you are on the biggest piece of information the world has to offer the WORLD WIDE WEB, do some research. Another thing, when people build kit cars it costs them $40-$150k to build these cars or even more so to dream so low as 2 $20k…. idk honestly im here 2 becouse I was interested but like the rest of you we did some research before truly thinking about throwing your money in the wind…(poof) lol. ALso I think its wrong to try to use versus in the bible to validate or to invalidate something so sleazy, gross and disgusting as money!!!!! In the bible does jesus not go into the temple and see merchants buying and selling goods and he gets upset and flips the tables and yells that this is a place of GOD not a place for thiefs? People money is the root of all evil!!!!! We dont need these things, these are wants, look at the man who sold his house to buy a car and almost lost all his hard earned money!! Thats a shame! I can go on ALL morning with this one. So I will say GOD BLESS, love peace chicken grease stay black!!! j/k be kind to others please because the LORD is watching everything we say think and do be nice!!! And that goes for almost ALL religions!! One more thing there websites copyright expired last year 08 lol

    • hey man everything u said did make sense i also have been doing lots and lots research finally i got something…. Do u know that basketball player guy that went to SR and talked to them about there cars…well i added him on facebook and guess what i seen about 50-60 car pics of his Ferrari replica and his Bugatti am pretty sure and his Lamborghini replica… I seen them all i seen how they make it and whens it done but the thing is he didnt mention it was made by SR even though it was the same cars as SR… It did how ever say something about another company that made it i dont remember what company but it was another company and they make the same cars as SR… So i think what this is is that there this shop in the states that claims there SR and fakes everyone and that bball guy is in on it so they gave him a relpica but as for everyone else there getting jipped… If SR ever gets caught i think I did most of the help i even saved the pics…… Busted i got them now to but to bad i didnt buy a car from them but year i think there fake…before i didnt but now i do because something fishy is going down….. Why would that bball guy get another kitcar from another company even though he advertised with them and the funny thing is IT WAS THE EXACT SAME CARSSS!!!!! Caught red Handed

  101. But Dam what if i am wrong and Super replicas is real… so what i said before this might not be 100% true but so far from what i have it seemss fake…… But I am not calling anyone fake SR can be real or can be fake I DONT know but listen SR if u are fake stop rippin people off God is going to punish u so stop

  102. If you can imagine yourself placing $20K in cash in a trash can and setting it on fire and be able to walk away without pain, then go ahead and send SR your money. At least if you set it on fire, you would get some heat from it. This is more than you would get sending it to SR.

  103. I think the only thing to do in this very sensitive situation is organise a trip for 20 guys from all over the globe to meet up and go order a few cars.
    We will need to see a finished enzo,lp640 murcie,a gallardo,a maybech etc etc.
    Then lets see what happens,if it all go’s pear shaped we send the fbi in.

  104. this blog is an interesting read, could I suggest that all those people filing lawsuits create a website and post their proofs of order / fund transfers and lawsuit details?

    I am just wondering after all these discussions, no one actually provided any screen shot of money paid through paypal or internet transfer. Or even letters from law firms. Can we have some of the real proof posted somewhere? ( your blog or whatever)

    It is interesting that whoever is running SR is not resolving this issue to protect their company reputation.

    It seems to me that unless some hard evidences are presented in a creditable way, stories / accusations from both sides remain stories. I am pretty sure we are after some FACTS here.

  105. Hi again.

    In reply to various postings that ask for ‘proof’ etc. I suggest that they re-read my posts on behalf of my son. Such WILL be posted when we are able to do so without it affecting the ongoing court case. We have to follow counsel given by lawyers and not confuse issues. When judgement is given it will be published here IN FULL.

    Those seeking to sue SR will find a host of info if googled. It is quite simple to get underway – just have proofs as required.


  106. Check out my post (20 May 2009) for proof of fraud.

    Tom – May 20, 2009 at 9:03 pm


    Sorry Tom
    I dont know how to access this tread you are refering to.
    UrL please?

  107. Can someone please tell me why super replicas has like 20 websites?????

  108. You guys are all a bunch of morons. I ordered a Lamborghini Reventon and spent more than $50,000.00 dollars to get it running on a viper engine and had all of the details exactly the same. I live in California and it took a bit more than 3 months until a trailer arrived and received my new Lamborghini Reventon and looks awesome looked just like the one in you tube. Only in special occasions I take it out to fancy restaurants and man i get allot and i mean the whole freeway looking at my ride man feels great. sure the car may look fake on the 20″ inch rims but upgraded to 24″ black rims and looks awesome also the viper engine makes it perform like the real lambo which there is only 20 in the world. All you need to do is make a deposit and tell them what car you want and your set to go. All you idiots saying its fake and scam are wasting your time and really should try it out I mean i got a 3 year warranty in case I crash it or anything happens to it and get it replaced free. If you guys want to see pictures of my reventon which is in my garage covered up I will gladly send you pics through email

  109. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you truely believe that SR is legit, then go ahead and send them your money. Mr. Barron (aka Tony Sinclair), I think that you are full of crap. You even managed to mention the 3 year “crash” warranty in your “infomercial”. Nice work. I can’t believe how many people are dying to throw their money away to some scam with the worst videos out there. No wonder this type of crap keeps going. People fall for it!

  110. LOL man watever go spend a million bucks on a fkn car man. Once I get my income tax I’m ordering the enzo and if you guys live near los angeles California email me for my street adress and u can drop by to check out my reventon. Now I know how to make fiberglass vehicles and I will construct my first one once I get enough foam and fiberglass. And the guy who replied is on crack.

  111. Mr. Barron, if SR did such a great job on your Reventon, then why are you going to try and build your own car now instead of just ordering another one from them?

  112. Because if My construction goes succesfull then I can start my own buisness and sell replicas in California so all you wereabouts won’t be scared of getting scamed or robbed. I’ll charge about 25k unless u have a vehicle it would be 10-15k and my lamborghini spyder is half way complete and Im going to go to a dealer in hollywood that sells a lambo spyder. Just to take measurements. I also know how to make interior with fiber glass and wood. And I am ordering a enzo once I get my income tax. I’m also thinking of buying a car dealer in CA to make it my work place.

    • LMFAO wow these fkn nub cakes think im tony sinclair lol…sure tony lives in california dum fks… these scrubs have nothing to do but to criticizes everyone. And the reason I mention my fkn income tax is so I can complete my 20 grand u fkn moron. Saying ima get more than 20 thousand in my income… By the way my spyder is complete and needs to be painted. If you live near Diamond Bar or Los Angeles you can contact me and give u my home address. lmfao nice reply nub cake go eat some jelly beans in ur moms basement and get a job instead of fkn using the computer 24/7….

  113. Wow, this tony sinclair guy is a moron, Mr.barron we know who you really are, you’re posting prices of replicas and that your spyder is half done and you’re going to buy a dealership, yet you need your tax return to buy another car, first of all who’s tax return is that high any way.
    I love how people are so stupid that they think that this stuff won’t catch up with them. More surprisingly I find that people who are dumb enough to fall for such an obvious scam are shocked after they realize it. A lambo, even a fake one, for 20,000 – please. Besides have you seen how many half finished, poorly written websites srclones has. You idiots are surprised and you near idiots are debating the credibility of these sites. This has got to be the MOST entertaining thing I have ever read.
    Tom, how is it that your son is smart enough to accumulate 28,000 to blow on some website promise, but isn’t smart enough to ask for any physical evidence or background checks. Also how is it that your son was brave enough to send off this great sum of money so blindly yet he is not brave enough to handle this situation on his own, instead requiring his father to labor after his money for him?
    Then we have Mr.Brown, the self proclaimed gun toting drug dealer, with an honor among thieves plea to Mr. Sinclair. Wow this shit must be scripted. Is everyone role playing here, because I just can’t believe it’s not bullshit. Well just in case I missed th memo and we are role playing then I think I’l be the escaped convict living on a yacht growing hydr weed in the middle of the ocean eating jelly beans as they fall from the sky who wants to make a “fiberglass & tube steel” time machine for $12.47.
    Whooo hooooo, you people are some funny mother fuckers!

    • LMFAO wow these fkn nub cakes think im tony sinclair lol…sure tony lives in california dum fks… these scrubs have nothing to do but to criticizes everyone. And the reason I mention my fkn income tax is so I can complete my 20 grand u fkn moron. Saying ima get more than 20 thousand in my income… By the way my spyder is complete and needs to be painted. If you live near Diamond Bar or Los Angeles you can contact me and give u my home address. lmfao nice reply nub cake go eat some jelly beans in ur moms basement and get a job instead of fkn using the computer 24/7…

  114. Hi,

    Its so obvious the Super Replicas is a Scam that makes me sick to think that someone can believe this.

    Its incredible how they make dozens of videos showing only fiberglass and more fiberglass… the make videos with 4 and 5 minutes without showing absolutely nothing!!!

    In these videos you only see fiberglass, all holes are covered with a plastic so you cant see there is nothing below them… The cars dont even exist!!! They only have the Fiberglass kits to do the videos…

    Check these examples:

    Ferrari California

    Lamborghini Reventon

    Rols Royce Phantom

    Bugatti Veyron

    Did you like the motor? And what about the interiors? Tell me? Have you seen anything beside the fiberglass?

    These shop exists of course, but is just a Truck and Auto shop!!! The couple of videos you actually see complete cars are either normal Cars, Jeeps or Trucks.

    And what about the engineers? Where are they? In all those videos you only 4 or 5 persons (always the same guys). Do you believe these couple of guys can make several replicas in just 3 months on that garage?

    And who the hell is Tony Sinclair? Do you see him in any video?
    The names of these persons refered are only “Juan” (the guy with glasses) and the “Charles Livingston” (the old guy).

    Here you have another proof that these guys suck. They steal a website from a real Kitcar Shop and made a copy of it for their own:

    Probably they bought the kits from another Kitcar Shop just to make the videos…

    Another one… what about the dozens of websites they have? They have several domains and all off them are registered by a guy named “Nicolas Antonio Amaro Castillo”. Who is this guy? You should investigate this guy too… I bet he have much to say about this scam too.

    The video of the Assembly Line is also ridiculous. When we enter we see two girls “working”, coincidence… the same girls that appears with hot lycra dresses in the drifting show video. One of them is itching a lamborghini foto and the other is working in the design of fiberglass (LOL). When we look at the screen of the computer instead of seing a kind of Automobile Designer Software we could only see their website:

    Assembly Line

    Well if you need more evidences, please let me know…but this is kind of obvious… i dont know how these guys are still outhere.

    I believe this will not take many years until they all go to jail.

    Best Regards.

  115. if you need to know if superreplica is real are not call me at 1-754-235-2164

  116. RUN! i can’t believe this. i went to the SR web site and i called this one out fast. I’m sure lots of people fell for this, how could you. All the pictures were of the real cars!

    So OK, there is video proof now is this new? Cuz if i had seen those videos first i wouldn’t have even got to this “blog”. why? The cars in that video look like a third rate high school body shop class would put together.

    Why would someone even want a FAKE roll’s on a old crown vic frame any how?
    I hope who ever did business with SR the best. money back, or even a finished product in the driveway. I think i will look for a Lambo kit somewhere else.

  117. I am still not sure. I think i will like for closer builder.

  118. super replicas is a fake i mean they claim they have a “concept lambo” for sale. how can you make a car that hasen’t even been made yet?

  119. LMFAO wow these fkn nub cakes think im tony sinclair lol…sure tony lives in california dum fks… these scrubs have nothing to do but to criticizes everyone. And the reason I mention my fkn income tax is so I can complete my 20 grand u fkn moron. Saying ima get more than 20 thousand in my income… By the way my spyder is complete and needs to be painted. If you live near Diamond Bar or Los Angeles you can contact me and give u my home address. lmfao nice reply nub cake go eat some jelly beans in ur moms basement and get a job instead of fkn using the computer 24/7

  120. Hello. For the longest time, about 1 year now, I felt suspicion of Super Replicas. I am in Dallas, TX. It is 3:32 a.m. I dont work tomorrow which is why I am up so late just facinated by this page of comments and with the actual crook in the messages too.

    I just want to say thank you for everything yall have done for everyone in the world to see. I believe everyone here has played a part in this and yall are the best.

    I wanted to feel like I was part of this exposure as well. Here is my part that will help anyone who still isnt sure. I have 2 pieces of proof. Yall are going to just love this 😀

    1- I would like everyone to watch the youtube video of their Grey Lamborghini Reventon ( At the beginning of the video the car begins by making a left turn on 0:10. While making the turn pay real close attention to the rear wheels it has. You will notice that the rear wheels actually have 2 wheels on each side. Best shot of this is on 0:13. It looks like the rear set up of an 18 wheeler. LOL. THE REAR OF THE CAR HAS 4 WHEELS!!!!!!! OMG is that funny or what?!?!?!?!?!

    Next, after reading everyone’s comment on this page I went back to their website and looked at everything really really carefully looking for flaws. On their main page at the very very bottom it says “Design by Kg” even though if you click on it, it just takes you to the same exact page you are on, their main page. lol

    But then, i looked even deeper and this is what i found…

    2- I would like everyone to go to their main website ( On the left side, under the section “Navigate” click on “News Articles”. You will then see only 1 article with the title on it “2010 Lamborghini Reventon Super Replica Special Edition”. Ok looks like a nice little news article with their 4 rear wheeled Lamborghini LOL.
    I want everyone to look very closely right about “2010” on the title.
    The date of the article reads “27th of April 2000”

    THE DATE OF THE ARTICLE IS 9 YEARS AGO!!!! OMG I was thinking to myself, Eddie you are freakin awesome. You just found s##t in a toilet LOL 😀
    I couldnt stop laughing from it.

    Anyways, hope this helps someone out there just like me to realize that SUPER REPLICAS IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM. Dont even think for a second that it is ligit.

    I own an Import Performance Shop here in Dallas, TX. I soop up cars. My favorite to work on is the 300ZX, because my dream car is a Lamborghini and the 300ZX looks closest to the Lambo.

    FYI the lamborghini Diablo (later models) use the actual headlights of the 300ZX on them, but for like $1000 more. Yeah, I know!!!! GAY!!! lol

    If you would like to get in contact with me for any reason, please feel free to get in touch through my e-mail at

    I love super cars, but Super Replicas just never sat right to me and I am so glad I came across this page even though it has been a whole year. In the mean time, I will just stick to my 700 whp Nissan 300ZX 🙂

    Thanx alot to everyone

    And for Tom, I am Wiccan, and I will personally get to work and see to it that you get all the wonderful Justice you have been seeking for so long. I will make sure it happens. 🙂

  121. I can also provide everyone with an e-mail conversation I had with someone from Super Replicas.

    I wont post it since it might just be a waist of space, but they pretty much just tried to send me away to another company in England that makes ligit replicas. I dont see why he was so eager to send me away. I thought if I was in his shoes I would try everything i can to work with the man to earn his business. NOPE didnt get that treatment.

    I will provide the whole e-mail conversation upon request if anyone wants it.

    Thanx again everyone!!!!

  122. Wow, i can’t believe i read this entire thread.

    Tom……(Mark’s father). Sorry to hear about your son. I doubt you will get your money back but let us know if you do.

    SuperReplicas…….can you really build a bugatti veyron with a 24 cyclinder engine for $50K. Sounds too good to be true, so probably isn’t.

  123. @Tom,

    You live in UK , why dont you guys buy from your local??

    around 20K $ you could have one nice replica.

    in US check this company out :


  124. hello i m french and i go in panama for hollidays this year and i go to see super replicas
    i meet mr saintclaire but not the same like in the video another guy with same name Huh
    after impossible to see car just a chassi and when i arrive to this compagny i see worker and ask :do you built car here ? they look me very bad like i am from police and say me no
    after mr jhon saint clair call me and make a rendez vous in restaurant .we talk and he give me 2 contract for be distributor or franchise
    the seconde day i go with a camera for film and the probleme start they want to broke the camera and with my wife we escape in car from this mafia town
    firts the town of david is a poor town closer to costa rica in the forest and if you see the road(destroy) no ferrari can drive on this road impossible after i verify at the chamber of commerce of panama the legal existance of super replicas they existe but the registration of gouvernement right for repair truck
    if you make business with thame take a good lawyer


  125. That was a comment by someone else. on another forum BLOG

  126. ************UPDATE *************

    To SRCLONE as you now call your selves.

    Today you begged my son (Mark) to reach an out-of-court settlement with you. Well for the record – here’s the deal:
    1. Pay him back his money in full forthwith.
    2. We will drop charges against you.
    3. We undertake not to disclose your REAL names.
    4. Nor those of your family. Nor college history.
    5. We undertake not to disclose your REAL addresses.
    6. I will not give out your personal email address.
    7. I will not reveal to others how we obtained the information.
    8. I will publish here on this site proof of refunds.
    9. I will publish here that you did the honourable thing.

    There you go Tony – yours is the choice.

    BTW. the papers you returned to the English court are being passed on to other agencies. You seem to like leaving paper trails.

    And please stop your silly attempts to influence us by an appeal to religious ideal ( you don’t have). I have told you before that Stealing is stealing is stealing – just check the Bible before quoteing rubbish.
    To all those who have contacted Mark with information and support, I express our grateful thanks.

    Tom (Mark’s Dad)

  127. Hello Tom, it sounds like you have them on the ropes here. Good for you! I hope you get your money back. My only issue would be if they are not required to admit that they are frauds, then other people could still be sucked in to their lies. It is too bad that you could not make that part of the agreement. Make them publicly state that they are frauds. It would be nice. Anyway, keep up the great work!

  128. Thanks Todd – It’s really up to them. If they don’t come through with the money very soon we obtain judgement by default and EVERYTHING will be published here, I hope to let you all know when and where the police will arrive to enforce the judgement you could then have cameras at the ready. The press will also be informed so it would be very public and fulfil your request. Here in the UK scams like this extract the full force of the law. As I noted before, UK law is reciprocated across the globe and judgement granted here is enforced in the USA, Mexico, and Panama etcetera. I might add that in the USA – it also includes OMAHA, NE Zip 68***. I would love to put that in full but might cause problems. (work it out BG).

    The time over here in the UK is just coming up to 4am. I hope to get to bed and sleep. I believe that I explained earlier that I have extensive medical problems and my medications mess up my body clock. I am not able to do much now but I will give all my energies over to helping and supporting my family. In the end, that is all that really matters. I really do believe that families can be forever.


  129. hey guys the best way to prove it , is to visit the facilities in panama to see in person if is a scam, don’t waste your money , don;t send them nothing,,,i hope these people pay for this fraudulent thing

  130. hi,
    Thought you all might be interested in tonys new “S.S. address”

    super replicas reloaded S.A de C.V
    9 norte 105-bis col. Cuahutemoc,
    Santa rosa Panzacola 68030
    Santa de juarez, Oaxaca. Mexico

    “new email..notice the interesting name”

    High end car buy (

    I found this very interesting when I got an email from “aka” tony sinclair, only to note the “high end car buy” followed by “”

    High end lol, I think it means “BUTT END” car buy…

    Tony, well thats not your real name is it !!!! mmm sue me for being totaly honest because I am you… bye bye

    No man is an island tony, you cant hide nor run forever, times running out for you and all who associate with you. I have presented to court, along with mine, contracts signed by you and “S.S.” as evidence of all of those whom you have taken money and not given cars to “ever” I believe thats fraud and ooops THEFT.




    WILLIE CHEEKS – September 9, 2009


    WILLIE CHEEKS – September 9, 2009

    WILLIE CHEEKS – September 9, 2009

  135. Hello Willie,
    I want to say I am sorry if I missed your calls today, and I will try and call you shortly.
    Please understand Willie you are at times exhausting when we read your emails from the beginning I told you we didn´t recommend that you should invest in us because of your insecutries and because of the preasure you have with your wife over the 10k ring.
    I have offered you to return the funds and then you would threaten us and say if we return the funds you would say many bad things about us so we can´t seem to have any balance with you.
    I have told you before we have had many delays and recalls on cars that were not meeting the requirements of the government new emmissions and safety rules so we are being especially careful right now to make sure the cars are delivered with the correct documentations and inspections.
    What Mark is doing is a crime and I am not going into details but industrial sabotage and espionage are criminal offences and in the UK they carry long term prison sentences.
    A case recentley of a dealership owner for GM had tried underminding the corporation with slanderous defamation remarks because of delays and was found guilty and convicted.
    You know that the other kit groups have caused all sorts of hysteria to prevent our growth and people like Mark who betrayed the Corporation (and by the way we have a public notary document to prove the betrayal)
    Anyway Mark has illegally joined himself with our competitors which is a criminal offense giving out Corporate confidential information and maliciously communicating and forming a anti campaign against the corporation using the Corporations clients as his destructive weapon to discredit Super Replicas and create hystria even though the clients were all notified of delays which is mentioned on the website in the policy.
    I recommend you stay away from this individual conspiracy of industrial sabotage and espionage its not convienent for your good name Willie Cheeks to be associated with Mark.Industrial espionage describes activities such as theft of trade secrets, bribery, blackmail, and technological surveillance. As well as spying on commercial organizations, for the purpose of making insurrections with the corporations investors and clients and those clients can also be targets of commercial espionage—for example, to determine the terms of a contract made and then revealing the confidential information of clients contracts to other corporations so to make insurrections. The individual is then betraying the confidential agreement made and this betrayal (better known as a corporate traitor) who breaks the law by giving client details such as contracts and personal information to another company that is also involved in the conspiracy with making hysteria such as the scamline website.

    Industrial espionage is most commonly associated with technology-heavy industries, particularly the computer and automobile sectors.

    Espionage takes place in many forms. In short, the purpose of espionage is to gather knowledge about (an) corporation (s). A spy may be hired, or may work for oneself and then use that information to sabotage and damage the corporations image or give the information to another company for the purpose of a conspiracy to damage and sabotage the creditbility of the corporation.
    In the case of Mark he was made a Super Replicas legal representative in the UK with a public notary agreement. He has violated the agreement and betrayed the corporation by underminding the corporation and conspiring with another company by the illegal affilation and giving confidential information to the Carkit group in Alabama who are making illegal slanderous and liberous comments to lure our customers away to there firm. In law, defamation–also called calumny, libel (for written words), slander (for spoken words), and vilification–is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image.
    In common law jurisdictions, slander refers to a malicious, false and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts, which arises where one person reveals information that is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person. “Unlike [with] libel, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy.”[
    Mark and his father Tom Allsworth are liable for the losses and damage to the corporation. We highly recommend if you have any complaints or any doubts please contact Super replicas direct so we can help with your problems.
    bye for now
    Tony Sinclair

  136. Tony,

    How many different tactics are you going to try when nobody is believing anything you say? Nobody here has ever heard of a single verifiable Supereplicas built car being delivered to a customer. The videos you post are vague and prove nothing, yet you come on here and try all sorts of tactics to discredit anyone who stands against you. First you try and claim it is just racist Americans (way to go, now you alientate any Americans who MAY have taken your side), then you drag the LDS religion into this, making an assumption about someone’s religion and pretty much telling them that their beliefs should prohibit them from going after you for fraud. Now you are claiming that Mark and Tom were actually SR employees who are trying to sabotage the company. Really? Have you managed to get anyone to belive that? If so, please let me know so that I can sell them a few public roads to drive their never-to-be-delivered Supereplicas car on.

    You’ve had plenty of chances to provide evidence that these cars are actually being built, but you send us the same canned videos. Why can’t paying customers come see the facility or, at the very least, the product they are paying for while it is in the build process? No other company would tell a paying customer “nope, can’t see it”, so what is your reason?

    Finally – have you ever looked at your website? I’ve been a web developer for over 10 years now and can honestly say that my first webpage looked better than that – and it was made BEFORE I had any classes on web publishing. The site is hastily constructed, poorly laid out, and only has a single contact method – an e-mail address at GMAIL. Your whole setup scream “SCAM”, yet a few people are just too hopeful to allow themselves to belive it and those are your victims.

  137. This is a very sad and pathetic attempt to make not onl I ,but all of the rest of those people on this site give up on our beloved tony sinclair, guess what folks “IT DOES NOT WORK” I shall, along with all the other contracts that so many people (ripped off by tony) have so kindly forward to my self, along with this pathetic statement, be submitted to court.


    All attempts, so often made to not refund both yours and mine money, all the excuses, reasons as to why, attempts to deflect giult on to both you and I, ALL SHALL FAIL ON HIOS BEHALF, he is acting like a mad dog trapped in a corner, desperate to find a way out, so he shifts blame, while all the time not facing up to his legal responsbilities.

    I thank you so very much for all those who have so WILLINGLY forward thier broken contracts by super replica, I shall await so eagerly, the many more.

    Please send all the many other BROKEN CONTRACT TO MY EMAIL. Be assured that they, along with all the others that have been submitted to court, shall be also. I must ad too, that those not unlike my self, who have been sent slanderouse emails from tony, along with the many excuses he so eagerly writes to “US ALL”, these too will become very interesting to the judge.

    Once again my frends here is my email address:

    As my father said,
    “families are forever” in this, we are a family united as one, against a very fraudulant person and company

    Thank you, the right always wins in the end.

    Mark Allsworth

  138. Hi my friends (family)

    If you look up th laws concerning “copyright laws2 you will not that every single use of either written work and photography, not givem permssion to use by the original author carries a fine of $150,000.00 each item…….

    Oh tony, what have you done !!!

    Each item, must have not only the permisson of the originator but also must be seen when published by the user, if not, as stated before $150,000.00 fine is imposed.

    Please feel free to check for your selves this law by reading the “COPY RIGHT LAWS” you will note, as stated how even Super replicas web site is breaking the law.

    WOW tonys web site will have to pay millions of $$$ in fines. Especially since they dont use any of their own cars, ooops they ont have any thats why they have to show ral cars.

    Well, shall be also submitted these copyright infringements to court, adding to that notifying the copyright, please note thats its not only in the USA but world wide “copy right laws” funny how disshonesty catches you up isnt it Mr Sinclair.


  139. in ref above,

    Tony lets all see “as you state here” all this eveidence you (claim) to have of my illegal behaviour, alliances etc, PLEASE let US WORLD WIDE SEE IT.OOPS yet again there is none. Such sad paranoid words, epionage, sabotage etc etc…..

    Silly man,again.

    I shall be informing those that govern “COPYRIGHT LAWS” of ALL of super replicas websites.


  141. Tony Sinclair stated :
    “Mark and his father Tom Allsworth are liable for the losses and damage to the corporation.”


    Mark has given you many opportunities to resolve your debt. Each time you have acted as a worm on a hook – you wriggled, twisted and turned every-which-way. Your latest email is so offensive and lacks even a simple semblance of truth; that I assure you, should such defamations about me and mine be cited publically – YOU will be having contact from MY lawyers.

    Against my advice, Mark has given you too many chances to come through with his money. He has extended your time limit and placed delays on court proceedings following you pleadings on the phone and emails.

    Now you blame us for your business problems? You chose NOT to be honourable. It was not Mark. From the off you have given false promises and assurances. You even had Mark arrange for transportation of NON-EXISTING cars, supposedly waiting for shipment. You lied about driving 2 cars to the port. No such cars were ever taken there – we checked with the port authorities!

    Your legal ramblings are little else than quotes gleaned from Google searches. But as you like to portray legal knowledge, please continue to do so – it goes to prove my point. You exhibit the symptoms of one that suffers from ignorant linguistic incontinency. As for me and mine, we prefer to quote from our lawyers – they know the truth! They have the evidences (heaps of it!).

    Mark had asked me to put a more conciliatory face on my posts – that was before your latest missive. Having spoken with him, I know that Mark’s patience has now exhausted. Your time has now expired.

    Sir Walter Scott’s Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17. In words more elegant than mine.

    O, what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive!

    Tony you have deceived many with your web of lies; so much so that you have now tied your own self up in knots. Well, the scissors of the law will soon cut through your web and ALL will see the truth of your scam!


  142. HERE HERE !!!!!!!








  144. Hello Mark, I am a big supporter of you and your dad’s efforts against SR. I wish you good luck with your case against them. But please check your spelling before you hit the Reply button. It takes away from what you are trying to say when you mispell your statements. You will look better to the world. Keep up the hard work! Thanks

  145. Hi Todd,
    Mark, like me, is not too efficient in the skills of typing. Knowing him as I do, he suffers from the same malady as I; viz – brain works faster than fingers. Whilst I have laboured in the realms of IT for some 40 years, Mark is somewhat new to these joys and has found the learning curve rather steep. I will try and explain the spell check function to him. In the meanwhile, please excuse him and as you wisely observed, read his posts for truth and meaning.
    Thanks again for your support. We will ensure that you are amongst the first to get to know the full and final judgement when it comes down – expected late September.

  146. Hi Todd, or tad or …. 🙂

    Thanks for the spelling lesson, ts because of two things, firstly I cant spell to save my life and secondly the keys on my computer are , well useless… honestly though, thank you for all your support.

    Tony just sent me an email calling me a hypocrit mmmm ME naaaaaaaaaaaa perhaps he was looking in the mirror at that point in time (must spend an aweful amount of time infront of it, vain man)

    I just want to say that tony sent me an email calling me an hypocrit but also stating “what goes around comes around” is that a threat !!!!

    Tony, SUE ME, I DARE YA.

  147. Tom Allsworth you call yourself a Mormon Priest and prophet and Mark Allsworth a Mormon missionary Guru, but your conduct towards the company you made a public notary contract to represent Super Replicas is what condemns you.
    Listen you hypocrites your family will not be sealled together forever like Mormon Priest prophet Tom Allsworth profess´s on his sermon he gave on this scam report to everyone in the world.
    Tom Allsworth you are a dishonest man the Mormon prophet Tom Allsworth says the money is his son´s (the Mormon missionary Mark Allsworth who hates blacks like Mormon leader Brigham Young).
    The truth is the money is from two investors not from Mormon guru Mark Allsworth. This man was acting as an agent for Super replicas to get the money from the investors. We want to return the money to the rightful owners not to the Mormon Priest prophet Tom Allsworth and his rascist corrupt son and who calls me a nigger lover. Mark you Mormon rascist… black is beautiful God loves everyone not just Mormons KKK neo nazis like you and your Mormon prophet father Tom Allsworth.
    Mormon Tom Allsworth I swear in the name of God all mighty you are a lier you are deciever the money is not from your pocket nor from your pretending holy son´s mark the Mormon pocket ,it came from investors and they are who we will return the money to you. Not you you theif you have no intention to return the money to the real investor you lier.
    Stop pretending to be a holy Mormon prophet you are a traitor and your son is a traitor. You have broken the law traitor and so has your Mormon rascist lieing son mormon missionary elder Mark Allsworth. You have followed the way of Judas Iscariot

  148. Oh by the way All the Tom Allsworth and Mark Allsworth scandals started when we started promoting African American and Muslims visiting Super Replicas facilities.
    These two evil rascists could not tolerate seeing the races they dispise on youtube they want all the Arabs dead in the Middle east and as the African Americans as slaves in the US. The follow their momon prophet Brigham Young who started rascism.
    These men act like they are sympathetic towards these two races now so they can use them but they hate everyone thats not white supremists like themselves.

  149. Attn Tony Sinclair.

    Thank you for your dribble. Your loquacious urination has proved my points for me.

    Your latest posts are an attempt to change the focus of this board away from SRCLONES. Readers will see this to be the case and it will raise even more questions than you will ever be able to answer.

    To put the record right – I am not now nor ever been a prophet – I have NEVER ever claimed to be such! I am most certainly NOT racist; I certainly can and will prove that, as will my MANY friends and relatives. They stem from all quarters of the earth, they are Black, white and all shades between – they are all children of God. Likewise the black members of my own family – you stupid man! They come from St Lucia; they are black and are loved by me and our other family members. Before you try and incite racial/religious problems, I advise you to check on my history first. I have so many close friends who are black Christians, Muslims and followers of other or no religions. I know they will be more than prepared to defend me as they have previously. I have spoken publically on their behalf before/during and after my election into public life (reported on TV, Radio and Newspapers.) I have laboured hard fighting for their rights in the political arena. After leaving such, I received many letters of thanks from a good many of them. As I said before- you are a silly man who makes stupid statements that will be shown for what they really are worth – nothing!
    Your attempt to deflect your guilt of theft by your silly tirade against the ‘Mormon’ church will be seen by all for what it really is. RUBBISH.
    I have no right what-so-ever to judge your eternal rewards as you have mine. Only the Lord can do that – or are you now claiming that SRClones is God given and that you are His spokesperson here on earth?
    It seems to me that you protest too much and that my simple postscript in a message to Todd regarding the possibility that families can be forever, and my desire to help my children and others; seems to have hit a raw nerve with you. Experience shows that disaffected members of any organisation tend to attack that organisation in an attempt to resolve their personal cognitive dissonance. It makes me wonder…

    Your deceit and scam placed my son in the position of losing his money and the money of others from whom he had received instructions. He alone was responsible for that money. Your corrupt practice means that he is now out of pocket by ALL of it. You say you will return the money to his investors – why? As I said – Mark is now the one out of pocket; if you are to be trusted in the future, honour your words and give him back all the money you took by deceit.

    A quick count of malicious libels contained in your publicised post leaves me with no alternative but to instruct my lawyers tomorrow. If you are so sure that you are safe then publicise your full name and address here for all to see and not hide as you hitherto have to avoid creditors etc. I could, but have chosen not to cause you added grief by revealing that information (I have sought to be charitable to you despite your evil and contentious posts.) However, if you want, I will reveal that information and watch as others knock on your door.

  150. It is unfortunate that this Mormon Elder Melchezedek Priest Tom Allsworth will lie on this scam report to cover up the truth about his real religious beliefs on colored skin.
    First of all the first lie is that he claims he is not a Mormon prophet but the truth is he wants to hide his true beliefs that Mormons believe they will become prophet gods that will make earth like this one and his son Mark will become a Jesus Christ Saviour on another planet like this earth planet that Mormon god prophet Tom created after he dies and is resurrected as a prophet god.
    Number two belief that he denys on this is his deep hatred for the Muslims. He pretends to like them but the truth is he supports evil corrupt leaders that murder Muslims. For example political Mormons like General Brent Scowcroft a Mormon Brigham Young University honored degree political leader organised the genocide of thousands of Muslims using Mormon funded biological warfare.
    This information is public record please visit
    This man Tom Allsworth also claims to be honest and non judgemental but he is a subtle fox that plays with words like all Mormon corrupt lawyers and political leaders such as
    Mitt romney is trained to lie as a Mormon leader just like Hinckley the Mormon prophet leader also caught lieing on television
    the learning to be deceitful and dishonest is second nature for corrupt lawyers like Mormon prophet god Tom Allsworth please visit this youtube for more evidence
    just to be clear for everyone regarding the Mormon faith if you are white skinned you are chosen of God and blessed of God if you are colored skinned you are cursed of God and a filthy and loathsome good for nothing this is Mormon doctrine found in the book of Mormon.
    Mormon false prophet Tom Allsworth who is a lier says different but here is another piece of evidence that proves my point

    Mormons have a secret agenda to depopulate the earth of all colored skin because they cannot recieve the same blessings as a white Mormons in the millenium. This doctrine was closely observed by nazis as well.
    Yes it is true today Mormons accept blacks in the church but this was a political correct coverup conspiracy and also monetary descion to make more money for each colored man and woman who would join the Mormon church they must pay 10% of their wages.
    These facts are more than enough evidence that what the Mormon prophet god Tom Allsworth is saying is straight lies to cover up the deception to steal investors money for his son´s personal gain.
    Let me test the integrity of this man Mormon false prophet by asking him where do Muslims and colored skin people go that will not follow the Mormon prophet?
    His answer if he will not lie to you, is hell, because Tom believes the prophet Muhammad is a false prophet and Mormon prophet god Tom Allsworth will not tell you that Mormons believe that all Muslims are evil because they follow the Quran and not the book of Mormon.
    Can anything this man false prophet and corrupt political leader Tom Allsworth say today be believed?
    After presenting all the evidence the answer is no.
    Let me test him again
    Will you Tom Allsworth return the money of the investors to them or will Mark your son steal it and keep it for himself?
    Tom Allsworth has already said Mark will not return the money to the investors.
    Who is the real scammer?
    There is nothing for old Tom to be proud about in his life he has scammed the poor most of his life being a corrupt political business man.
    Tom Allsworth all your life you have trodden on the poor to succeed in your political career you are damned to hell for your works you will be judged for being a trained lawyer and traitor to God and this corporation.
    Everything I have said is true so help me God I swear in any court of law.

  151. You know as people read tonys sad little attempt to pull me and my father down by writting PUBLIC statements as he has, just shows how pathetic and ill informed he really is.

    The use of me alone hating blacks my friends is alone very sad, let me tell you why, for the simple reason, WILLIE CHEEKS “on this site” has been for several weeks now intouch with me, He is owed thousands of $$$ by tony, willie and I have spoken often of tonys theft, illegal corrupt business, we have both seperately taken tony,AKA super replicas to court, OH DID I POINT OUT THAT WILLIE IS BLACK….. that statement was tonys pathetic attempt to drive a wedge between willie CHEEKS AND I, sorry tony it did not work.The only thing that has done is anger willie even more towards you.Personaly, I have several very close friends that are black, Id like to see written and or recorded conversations where I have said and or even indicated that I hate blacks.

    What tony has not said, is that he has in an email to me, he states that another replica company owner is a pedo, I shall do all I can to ensure and encourage that this gentleman sues tony for his WRITTEN remarks about him.

    As for my church, well this is what I think, I think tony was excomunicated from the church and thats why he is soooo embroiled up inside against it, simply because he could not live up to its strong standards of conduct and moral standing.You statements shows such lack of compassion, weakness and to be quite frank, sad and pathetic to even bring religion in to it.

    Any one with half a brain shall read in to what you have written, see beyond the lowliness, just to see how bitter you really are. All this last statement has done is show the world your total ignorance, and to how low a crook will stoop to get away with fraud.

    Thank you any way because this last statement covers areas such as racism, defaming charactor, fraud, miss representation.

    I once heard a wise statement,
    “put up or shup up”

    You are so desperate to wangle your way out of all of this, that the world are seeing so clearly that you are a nasty little man.

    I have no shame tony in how I conduct my life, quite the opposite, im proud of my conduct, life and who I am, im at ease in my life. Im very thank ful for your last email because as I stated before, the world can even more now clearly, SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

    I shall go on record as saying,” I shall not any more respond to tonys pathetic attempts to bring religion in to this, it was a sad, low life, ill informed attempt to destroy bridges between my self and others that are owed thousands by tony, on the basis of their colour,and their supposed religion.”

    How can so many be wrong, with contracts breached by tony “super replicas” for over a year, clearly they are not, It is clear to the world that so many owed thousands by tony, that he is so eager to lie, cheat and defraud the world so readily.

    I alone have no less that (6) people (along with contracts and emails from each of them) owed thousands by tony, surely that alone just shows his deciept……..

    I asked yesterday for any further contracts not breache by tony, I have since heard from willie, (wow that guys ticked off) justifiably too. Please forward any corrospondance you may have had, even still do and including contracts from tony, super replicas, this shall all be submitted to court along with all the other information from around the world.

    Thank you and ignore the pathetic writtings of a very sad little man, desperate and trapped in a corner struggling to get out.

    PUT UP OR SHUT UP TONY, get your facts right next time, little man.

  152. is it a bird ? is it a plane ? no its super replicas reloaded “soap opra”

    I hear the theme tune to eastenders hahahahah

  153. Hey Mark – this is fast becoming a meeting ground for fathers and sons. Whilst writing this, Mum mentioned that we will be visiting with you over the weekend. We should both have ‘news’ to share.

    I received the following from TS over night and my reply is attached as well. Like Mark has indicated, we will not give ground or grandstands to those who desire to denigrate the church in attempts to deflect attention away from the REAL issue.


    From Tony Sinclair to my Email address at home.
    QUOTE: “waist your last bullet please give me a break your son is not entitled to that money and you no it theif and remember what comes around goes around you drew first blood you couldn´t leave it alone you keep playing dirty and instead of coming to us direct you like scum bag coward go to the enemies just like Judas you are no different traitor and i know without a shadow of doubt you are not going to heaven lier that money is not yours or Marks your son continually lied about you posting on the scam report he said it wasn´t you but since your mormon retoric families can be together speech you profess to be the prophet by claiming this exhaultation before you have ever been given this prophecy from God you can only hope and may I say a dim hope at that you can never be where Moroni or any of those great men are in the book of mormon because your full of lust and greed money hungry without forgiveness.”


    From Tony Sinclair to my Email address at home.
    QUOTE: “It is unfortunate that this Mormon Elder Melchezedek Priest Tom Allsworth will lie on this scam report to cover up the truth about his real religious beliefs on colored skin.
    First of all the first lie is that he claims he is not a Mormon prophet but the truth is he wants to hide his true beliefs that Mormons believe they will become prophet gods that will make earth like this one and his son Mark will become a Jesus Christ Saviour on another planet like this earth planet that Mormon god prophet Tom created after he dies and is resurrected as a prophet god.
    Number two belief that he denys on this is his deep hatred for the Muslims. He pretends to like them but the truth is he supports evil corrupt leaders that murder Muslims. For example political Mormons like General Brent Scowcroft a Mormon Brigham Young University honored degree political leader organised the genocide of thousands of Muslims using Mormon funded biological warfare.
    This information is public record please visit
    This man Tom Allsworth also claims to be honest and non judgemental but he is a subtle fox that plays with words like all Mormon corrupt lawyers and political leaders such as
    Mitt romney is trained to lie as a Mormon leader just like Hinckley the Mormon prophet leader also caught lieing on television
    the learning to be deceitful and dishonest is second nature for corrupt lawyers like Mormon prophet god Tom Allsworth please visit this youtube for more evidence
    just to be clear for everyone regarding the Mormon faith if you are white skinned you are chosen of God and blessed of God if you are colored skinned you are cursed of God and a filthy and loathsome good for nothing this is Mormon doctrine found in the book of Mormon.
    Mormon false prophet Tom Allsworth who is a lier says different but here is another piece of evidence that proves my point

    Mormons have a secret agenda to depopulate the earth of all colored skin because they cannot recieve the same blessings as a white Mormons in the millenium. This doctrine was closely observed by nazis as well.
    Yes it is true today Mormons accept blacks in the church but this was a political correct coverup conspiracy and also monetary descion to make more money for each colored man and woman who would join the Mormon church they must pay 10% of their wages.
    These facts are more than enough evidence that what the Mormon prophet god Tom Allsworth is saying is straight lies to cover up the deception to steal investors money for his son´s personal gain.
    Let me test the integrity of this man Mormon false prophet by asking him where do Muslims and colored skin people go that will not follow the Mormon prophet?
    His answer if he will not lie to you, is hell, because Tom believes the prophet Muhammad is a false prophet and Mormon prophet god Tom Allsworth will not tell you that Mormons believe that all Muslims are evil because they follow the Quran and not the book of Mormon.
    Can anything this man false prophet and corrupt political leader Tom Allsworth say today be believed?
    After presenting all the evidence the answer is no.
    Let me test him again
    Will you Tom Allsworth return the money of the investors to them or will Mark your son steal it and keep it for himself?
    Tom Allsworth has already said Mark will not return the money to the investors.
    Who is the real scammer?
    There is nothing for old Tom to be proud about in his life he has scammed the poor most of his life being a corrupt political business man.
    Tom Allsworth all your life you have trodden on the poor to succeed in your political career you are damned to hell for your works you will be judged for being a trained lawyer and traitor to God and this corporation.
    Everything I have said is true so help me God I swear in any court of law.”
    Attn Tony Sinclair.
    Your writings are those of the frightened and (to use Mark’s words) the little men. You have shown yourself to be highly qualified to sit amongst the most ignorant bigots on this earth. To use lies in an attempt to discredit others is the lowest any human being can drop to. It certainly shows you have no defence to Mark’s claim. You say you would ‘swear in any court of law’ – good, we won’t have long to wait then. I trust you understand about perjury and the sentences that are handed down for that crime?

    Just to put the record straight – I believe that all men everywhere have the god given right to worship who and what they will and I will fight for their right to do so at every turn.
    You have been found out and all can see you for what you are – a poor little child that has thrown his teddy bear out of his cradle and is screaming that it was not his fault. Stick your pacifier back in your mouth but you may take it out again in court.

    For all the others that have followed this I say – I will post full details of court proceedings as soon as possible.
    Thanks again for all emails received expressing support.

  154. Sorry to one and all – I missed this off my last posting.

    ——-Original Message——-

    From: Tom
    Date: 10/09/2009 04:36:13
    To: Super Replicas
    Subject: Re: super replicas FRAUD


    I had given you the chance to recant your libel – you reject it -your choice.

    Don’t show your total ignorance now by trying to quote doctrine.
    I had hoped that you would apologise for your tirade – instead you add to it.
    As Shakespeare said – “…unto they own self be true.” You can’t lie to yourself and God.
    Oh, you may lie to others as you have done; you may clothe your words in bigotry and attempt to deflect the truth. You and I know you have lied and stolen money and so does God.

    It seems a shame, for you and your family, friends and neighbours, to see this in open court here in the UK and to watch the order be enforced in public in the US.

    You have until I arise in the morning (BST) to resolve your libelous comments. As from 10.00am I will be with our family lawyers regarding another matter and this WILL be brought up and they will receive instructions to sue you. Unlike Mark, I am not financially stretched, but relatively well off – I have a private income and I have no requirement to work anymore. So you see, time and money are no problem for me and I can and will fund a law suit.

    You may claim what ever you will, but the facts speak for themselves – you have libel me in the most public of arenas and I will extract compensation. ( How is your families mortgage going? What equity is there in the property? – I will know by this time tomorrow.) Just let them know that it is YOU that will be putting them out of their home. Better still, ask them what you should do to resolve all these issues.

    I have said it before, repay Mark’s money, apologise for the libel and I will ensure, by my own hand, that a suitably phrased posting is made to the website; bringing it all to an end thus saving your reputation and that of your business. Your choice.

    Think about it!


    That’s it now folks. TS did NOT get back to me and lawyers have been instructed to begin proceedings against him for libel.
    Mark and I have been advised to keep our posts down the the bare minimum now until after the court hearing. So please understand why there will be very little from us. We will,however still read all posts etc.
    Thanks again for all your support.


  155. Thank you very much for the updates..

  156. Hey Tony, what the hell does all of your ramblings have to do with the fact that you are a fraud and stole money from many people? I have never seen anyone rant and carry on like you do when confronted by your victims. Give it up. No one believes any of your crap.

  157. BTW

    I had said I would not make many other posts but the following was pointed out to me yesterday in a meeting with our lawyers and is VERY worthy of repeating here.

    If SR is doing so well they must had submitted year on accounts to the IRS. But they have NOT.
    If they exist why not show them here? Then we can see that SR really do make and sell cars. But they don’t so they can’t produce the evidence.
    Therefore we know they are scammers. Of course the IRS can (and are) checking their own records. They will note that SR claimed to have made hundreds of cars – but not paid tax – ops!
    It is not just me and Mark who are after SR (Tony Sinclair, aka Gregory Velez, aka Ken Nomeiji, aka Animemall, etc) but the law agencies in the USA and the IRS. Just to help out – I suggest that they begin enquiries with the Velez family – address: 2017 Oak Street, Omaha, NE, 68108. We do have photos of him and his wife, him on his own and his house if needed. I won’t publish his phone # but we do have it (along with the other four that he has used in the past, along with their respective phone records.) I give out the Velez address as it is a matter of public record and of great public interest. It is also in the USA. Thus all agencies cited above are interested parties.

    Well there you have it –
    If SR are real then the IRS are after them for fraud (non-payment of taxes).
    If SR are not real then the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) are after them for fraud. (In case you don’t know IC3 is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).) – they know of them.
    In any case Mark and I are after them – our suit was filled first and we get first pickings.

    I bet Tony Sinclair is wishing now that he paid up what he owes Mark a long time ago. He was warned.

    Take care our friends.
    Thanks for your support.

  158. Sorry – missed off this shortcut if any others wish to make complaints. More the merrier.


  159. Why are people still posting messages on this forum…. its like talking to a brick wall.

    You just need to get some real law enforcement going and be done with it.

    Or buy a gun in Panama (Im sure this should be easy there) and shoot the little shits.

  160. SR I dont know if you scammed anyone but when I was younger I got scammed for $3500. After that I learned as much as I could about tracking people. I have all your real info. If you didnt scammed anyone then I hope you don’t mind me giving it out to everyone.

    First of SR I hope your real because I really want one of these cars.
    Best of luck to you and your business.

    So SR you’ve had a lot of domains you weren’t to good at hiding your name and private info back then. If any one got scammed by these guys email me, show me proof you live in America and got scammed. I will give you All the info I have. Also just to give some out who is
    Nicolas Antonio Amaro Castillo in the old days you use to buy the domains under the name pitti riscardo eduar. Any way I may have his old address in America or a near by address of his in WA. I also Have his old phone number which can easily be traced to him by credit cards or credit check to get his phone number for the old line. I cant guarantee this info is correct but It’s a lead and I will send you the links to get it all.

    This is who they are currently running there Site out of. All the information of there hosting company is here. I cant say if they have scammed anyone but this will help settle the dispute. Contact the host of there site let them know the situation and they will give you there information such as how they paid for there hosting, where they are located, and how to find them. This is the site they use to host there site and create there website . The address of the company is listed below. I have more information but I don’t want to get anyone hurt. This needs to be taken care of legally. If you make this physical you will lose the battle. Prison is much worse then death. Dont lose this battle friends. O and SR I hope you guys are real because I really want one of these cars.

    IP address [?]:
    IP country code: US
    IP address country: ip address flag United States
    IP address state: California
    IP address city: La Habra
    IP postcode: 90631
    IP address latitude: 33.9414
    IP address longitude: -117.9555
    ISP of this IP [?]: Lunar Pages
    Organization: Lunar Pages
    Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois] [Trace]
    Local time in United States: 2009-09-16 22:03

  161. Hi Frank,
    Send me all the info you have, it all helps a great cause.

    Kind regards,


  162. If they were real guys they would have a few cars, at least one available for immediate purchase at a higher rate. why would you pay someone with zero feedback or complete product ready to sample and drive. if you want to buy a dodge neon you have the right to TEST DRIVE it or atleast take a ride. its F R A U D

  163. hi there!this is my 2nd post.the first one was in 25th january I am really sorry for you Tom&Mark…really really sorry…I was on the way to lose many as well with these dumbasses.I was on the way to sell my house intending to buy a enzo replica from them!but hey theres no such thing as real cars built by them.I opened my eyes before I send them any money.And I still have my house…If I would send them money,I would live now on the streets!!!
    but there is a thing that gets me angry…a little bit.
    and that is that I dont think that you’ve done anything with any lawyers,you just want to convinge SR to give your money back.
    if you really want to get your money back then get a lawyer for real and find their ip addresses,it is really easy to do that.and an ip address is everything you need to fing their real location.
    then find another people that were scammed by these con men.
    there surely are alot of another scammed people!
    I am from is only one ferrari enzo and only one bugatti if I would have now and enzo replica it would be really cool.
    but these scamming people just steal money from you.
    I havent found anybody that claims that he has a car from SR.
    Ive never seen a car made by SR only on their stupid youtube videos.they don’t allow comments.and the ratings are disabled.
    I wish you luck to get your money back but I am 100%sure that it will NOT’ve ordered two cars,right?and you’ve payed only 28000 right?then why dont they send you at least one car?they have some cars in the list at 20-23 they could send you one if they were real but they are NOT

  164. Attn: Prince of Pecica & others

    Thanks for your support.
    Please just wait for judgement to be issued – Lawyers ARE involved and this has gone to court along with certain other issues regarding SR and their employees.

    Sorry but I can’t give any other information just yet – please exercise a little more patience – it won’t be long!

    ALL will be published here.

  165. I have read this blog and found it it both humorous and informative. For the record I do not know if SR are scammers or not, if I were to purchase a car from them I would prob go down to Panama for a few months until it was done. However I must say that in disagreements like this there should always be lines that should never be crossed. Putting a man’s family member pic out to the public and his personal adress, where any crazy person can act. How terrible would it be for someone to get seriously hurt or worse over 28k? especially a wife or a child who is innocent as in had nothing to do with anything. I hope this stops here before this gets out of hand. Because as those who do to others the same can be done to you. If something happens to someone’s family they might want, what they consider justice. It just is not worth it. God Bless

    • You are 100% right. I hope the information is used for the right reasons. All information should be passed on to the lawyers or police force working the individual cases. Please be safe people and don’t do anything stupid or you will be paying for it a lot longer then they will.

  166. Hey Tom,

    I have tried calling SR a week ago since I am new to this and was interested in buying from them, no answer. I browsed through the internet to look for other sites and saw this and found it eerily similar to SR’s website what’s even worse was I was preparing to buy from them and they sent me a contract that said that the replica cars were manufactured in… David, Chiriqui in Panama, and honestly this was merely a coincidence that got me reading this and I am asking you to see seriously look into this other company that I think is SR posing as a different company.

  167. I finished the total payments for a ferrari enzo last month. The car supposed to be in my country in few weeks. I will let you know if I received it or not.

  168. why they use gmai if they have a website?

  169. @ Sainte- did you get your car yet? if so how is it or how is it going?

  170. Hello Superrreplica customers if need any help getting your money back from superreplica . I am working with a group of lawyers and the department of justice you can call me at 754-235-2164 and i will give all the information to help you

    bye for now Willie Cheeks

  171. Today arrive my Enzo. It is very awesome. Every body look my car at the cargo. Tomorrow I will make the customs papers to drive my car.

  172. everyone see “” smells so bad of super replicas, think they forgot to take out the yellow and black stripes from their work shop….dorks

    yet more smoke screens, funny how they try to hide their “a name you can trust” lol

  173. lol Sainte you don’t have any enzo replica…you are just a moron.if you would have an enzo you can post pictures of it on photobucket or on myspace and post here only the damn link…but you can’t because you don’t have….or if you will post pictures they will surely be from the internet.I just can’t wait for those scammers to go in jail.I was on the way to lose my house and buy a car from them…I would be now on the streets because they won’t send me any car and they don’t care.don’t ever think again to buy something from them because they REALLY are scammers and steal money.or if you have too much money and just don’t know what to do with them you can donate them to me 🙂 I will be happy 🙂

  174. I dont care if you (Mark and Prince of Pecica) dont trust me, I only know that I am very happy with my replica. I will be your smoke screen boooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Envyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy If you dont have the $20k to buy one dont write me back.
    If you are scared, please buy a pitbull.

  175. I got one the cars its not as good as they show on the website but good for the price, it took about 8 months but well worth the wait, it was about 27800 total although i was told it would be 20,000 intially. And then customs.

  176. No im kidding just being a balloon boy

  177. i bet Sainte doesn’t even know what a real enzo looks like….so I guess whatever junk he gets (if indeed he got one from SR) he thinks is good lol….

    such a loser. same for SR….

  178. Scared, lol

    personaly i think its all a smoke screen, how can we all envy some thing that does not exist, you berk

    Lets all see the pictures, not super replicas scam pictures, actual pics inside and out, but then again you cant can you when it does not exist !!!!

    Your remarks show you are super replicas scam to be honest, else you would have posted pictures up, but like I said, it does not exst like all the other so called replicas by s.s. , we all noted too your rather sad “” new website, rather pathetic really.

    A name we can trust to steal from us” super replicas, I see too that s.s has taken contact details etc off of their original website, most of which does not exist either.. I wonder why that could be.

    So tony, wheb are you paying (ALL) of us back our money ??? there are so many now, world wide. If you are so legit then provide the cars and or refund the money, why keep running and coming up with all the crap you spout…excuse after excuse, we have all heard them.

  179. I dont know to be honest with you guys they have a pretty legit site and also on they have a revealing of their roadster version of the Reventon. I understand everyone saying they got scammed, but how do we even know people have spent actual money. No company would take so much time into making theese videos and one not if they didn;t have the profits to back them up. Yes one could say “oh i got scammed and lost 28k thats how it happened to me.” well then let me see the back statements that show you were actually ripped off. Honestly I want them to be real just for the sake of us car lovers to be able to drive our fantasy car with out worrying about the horrible bills in maintenance. Whether you beleive in them or not I just hope they are real for one day I would like to own even the replica of my dream car.

  180. I have a solution for everyone. Buy a kit and build it. If you dont have the time to build, there are so many people out of job right now put an add in the paper and i’m sure you’ll get tons of calls from some mechanics, body worksman etc. that would be happy to build your car. The fact is you will probably end up spending the same amount or less . Peace

  181. Glad I found this blog! Now I know for sure they are a fraud. But I’ll add my information that i had with them. First I asked for photos, Which they always reply with generic links. I told them I wanted to see a actual car that’s being shipped to US, And would go see in person, which they never contacted me. Had my suspicions from the beginning, because they claim to have crash test and airbags, AND SELL 200 cars per year, but there videos are small garages, not a vehicle manufacturing facility, My heart goes out to all who lost money. Good Luck

  182. hi folks,
    I thought you may be interested in S.S. new website address..They try so hard to be sly….

    We must thank tony for keeping us laughing all this tme

  183. on that video up top of that bugatti, all they will show is the front, why? so what if it wasnt finished, wouldnt they want to show the unfinished produt to prove they are doing the work?

  184. Take a look

    maybe a SR VEYRON with 3 Years warranty??? :

    very professional workers??? :

    well i have build some buggy’s and there price was about 20.000 us$
    fun buggy punta cana

    How can people think that for such a price they can get a super exotic replica???

  185. I live in Mexico, so I asked them to gave me the addres of their “Mexican Facilities” And they told me that customers CAN´T GO TO THIER FACILITIES….HAHAHAHA

    But they wrote me if I pay 20k they will deliver my replicar in my office in 3 days!!! hahaha….becaucse thay have in stock, hahahaha.

  186. You are right funbuggy,
    some slip through the net but the good thing is “the world” is on to S.S even with their “many” websites.

    Just when we all thought it was safe to come out at night S.S come out with yet another website and company name ( but are we not all meant to trust S.S,??!! “a name you can trust”
    How can we lol when they hide behind yet another name.

    I think the we should give them an award for “trying so hard and yet still full of the same old CRAP”……..

  187. HaHa!! What a joke of a website! The new SR website ( looks like it was put together by a 12 year old kid. They are again up to their old tricks using pics of the real cars. 😀 Next will come the crappy videos that only show the front of the cars with masking tape and paper all over the windows. 😉

  188. RRRRR Todd, Tony tried sooo hard this time lol

    • Well, I’ve been reading through this for about an hour now and from all of the good 300 posts, I think that superreplicas is the biggest piece of crap fraud. I’m 14 and have the biggest passion for cars and would have loved to actually have a legit replica (Oxymoron right there) For Tom and Mark, looks like you guys are really headed somewhere with those douche bags. Just curious but have you actually been in court with them? 0.o

  189. People Relax. This is an open market. Everyine can do what they want and if people do believe in them then it is their fault. Unfortunately these things do tend to happen and it is impossible to track all of them down.
    Whoever wants to buy a car as such would be wise to get the real thing or not get it at all. This is life!!! I want to be the head of an airline company but i should know this is not feasable!! the same apllies for you lot that want to buy an ENZO!! Buy a mini cooper instead and be YOURSELVES without feeling bad about it. Dreams are there not to always reach them!!Having a Gallardo or an Enzo is not such a big deal. Besides i hear all you going on about 30.000$ or something for a fake. Buy a used one for 80.000$ and if you really want one get a LOAN from a bank!! Besides those prices are very low. For myself to buy a used Gallardo i need to pay more than 175.000Euros which is way more than the used one in US! $=1,48Euro. That doesnt mean that i would sell my house , my wife or whatever to get it! that is stupid!! Work and if you have the balls buy the real thing otherwise enjoy it in Papers or Video.
    AS fas as concern the fraud that occured i must say that if i had a son requesting For these three cars i would call him a nutcase and tell him to walk on EARTH!!! that is if i am normal as well….
    We give the possibility to someone to fraud when we try to reach things which we shouldnt and that is what those people take advantage of!!

    Although i do own a Porsche 997 s, and a ferrari 430 i need to admit that in a few months i got bord of them simply because they are JUST CARS!!! Owning such a car and people looking at you in a jealous way is not something i like so honestly it really suprises me that people actually want that!!
    Anyway good luck for the case in court fro father and son although the father should know Better!
    As far as concern Mr tony sinclair his replies should give you enough proof of what he is from his replies.No comments.
    You need to have a brain as well to have these cars! Enzo for 28000?????? Come on people be realistic!!!Having an ENZO and a home of 100m2 is stupid!! Everyone will know that it is fake so what is the point??Save money and dont spend it like that!!! Especially nowdays things are difficult for everyone so why????

    Jim Greece

  190. Hey everyone

    I was about to buy a Zonda from them, but i guess not after reading all this

    and i emailed them for their location and this is what they send me
    its funny how poorly the make an attempt at this by using google earth to edit in a location, and even funnier this location doesnt exist in google, that address doenst exist so anyone have any thoughts on this

  191. A warning to those who have signed contracts and given your name etc to S.S. they”tony” is searching facebook and myspace, sellecting pictures of you and your families and of your children, then emailing them and threatening to usethem in the news papers, he is claiming to usethem for promotional purposes, for example of the FAMILY and their website, I guess trying to make them look like a family business….

    This has been done with pictures of my children from facebook. We have now set access to private and friends only.

    We also have made a police report, “CB/09/1677” This report is also for Super replicas fraud against my self, in the report it also includes all others that have forward their information to me in the past, copies of all contracts and corrospondence.
    This report has being put together and being forward to the “police in David, Panama”

    Once again the report number and ref: “CB/09/1677” PLEASE FORWARD ANY FURTHER ACTS OF FRAUD. All these and those gatherd sup to date shall be forward to the lincolnshire police, Louth branch.

    Please mark YOUR FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE TO PRIVATE, These are being used as a means of threat in order for you/us to not prosecute tony and super replicas.


  192. Second point,

    Please also note that your phone numbers are also on the contracts you have signed with S.S. these are being used to contact members of your families with S.S having an Englishman ask for your family, then claiming to be from the likes of Audi, wanting to use the pictures they have taken from facebook and myspace in their adds campaign for the company. This they did to my son and then passed the phone to tony, very clever but not so wise, then followed up by emails and threats if you do not agree to them using the pictures. I quote ” The press will put on your pictures any spin they want and its legal for them to do it, Tony” no it’s not folks, just a sad pathetic effort by tony to try to bully US in to backing down and not take legal action against sucha fraudulant group as S.S .
    The use of all this is claimimg to be family based. Why do I think NOT.

    A carefull warning from a friend.


  193. That Police report and investigation number again my friends is.


    Lincolnshire police, this report and investigation is being gatherd and forward to the Police in David, Panama for further follow up and investigations in to Super replicas fraud.


  194. im thinken of buying a replica but if thay stff around bullits will fly there way maybe a AK47 will fix them up if thay dont follow through.

  195. Most incredible blog ive ever read. Im 16 lol and to think after my purchasing in my Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 that me and my friend were gonna buy 2 beat up mr2 chasis to get us a undecided replicas by the end of our graduation.

    sigh much convinced though after reading this. then again just a thought but STILL ON THE ACCUSERS SIDE, didn’t SR claim that they made replicas for movies such as “redline”…uhhh maybe ask the “Real director/producer” lol and that would be it cause they would have to purchase almost ten cars in that making if not rent the ones that some offer in the movies industry. But nonetheless me and my buddy are happily proud with my baby and his Z32 Fairlady_Z (whata nice car too).

    Yet what upsets me is that i still want one and all seem possible but the idea of a price of ?20,000?….anyone know where i can find a real place with all proof and non fraud junk that can sell me any of the following SR “just displays” models under oh idk 50,000?
    much appreciated =)

    PS:uh some advice to spread the word but idk if anybody has tried this yet but make your own youtube video and post about there fraud…idk just an idea

    thanks again,

    Neil Penaloza (and my bud stephen)

  196. man thay do look like a scam

  197. Wow…These stories really amaze me.

    If you are really interested in buying a lambo, or a ferrari contact me. i know experience builders who can build these things under 13 to 14k. I have seen some of their builds really amazing and some times even tricky to tell whether its real or not.

    The shop im currently working with builds murcis on a camaro z28 front engine for muscle, yes it has a front engine but sure has more power than a 4 or 6 cylinder fiero.

    The kits costs around 6k, Donor car 4 to 5 k from auction, 13 to 14k, wheels not included. 2 months to complete. You may come follow progress as they build it.

    Panama has laws but guess what its hardly enforced, Otherwise mister Tony* would have been in jail if in fact he has committed these crimes mentioned in this blog.

    Unfortunate for those who have sent money to SR, how can you guys be so naive. Please serious inquiries only.

  198. Just saw an “investment video” on youtube while looking for some FOREX tips. This thing stinks bad. Ever seen the movie Boiler Room???

  199. I wish you all the best, including Tony if he is innocent. I hope he is not a faud and everyone will be satisfied at the end.


  200. I went and saw them in Panama. Yes, they have a shop with molds etc. I even saw half built cars. But there actions kind of threw me off. Things just did not add up. They did not have a single picture of a completed project.

    So here is what I think. They may be making these cars. However, I feel they take orders from 15-20 different people but build one. Who gets that care………..No one knows. After visiting them I did not buy the car from them. So, I still have my hard earned money.

  201. After taking way to long to read this I must say I found it more entertaining than factual. Seems like a lot of the people here are repetitious and even have the same mannerisms and poor grammar but yet have different user names. (Mr.Brown & Mr.Barron same attitudes, and supposedly having money, name kinda similar also in pronounciation- then you have gran maestro & great teacher which by the way is the same name in english and spanish who have similar stories-then you have all those abdullahs and mohammeds that appear at once and claim to have the same thing happen to them) All seems too coincidental. Then you have the following quote:
    ‘I am a big time scammer that likes to use pictures of real cars to pretend they are replicas. Supereplicas is a scam, and I enjoy it.
    Tony Sinclaire – January 31, 2009 at 6:26 pm” That was a “quote” ( about 45 entries down from the beginning) early on from our mysterious Tony Sinclaire who is the mastermind behind this scandal. Highly unlikely he exists yet would openly admit that.
    My viewpoint on the whole matter is SuperReplicas does seem way to FISHY and to good to be true. So as the old saying goes ” If it looks to good to be true it usually is.” At the same time as it has been mentioned before, everybody that is “supposedly” suing them, you guys never supported your case either. No documents, no money transfers, NO NOTHING. In fact I couldn’t find anywhere online that they were even being sued. So all this crap is USELESS and MEANINGLESS reading. So after all of this I learned NOTHING about SUPER REPLICAS, got somewhat enjoyable reading (it was kinda to long though), I thought that Todd was the most intelligent one out of everybody, and realized I can still have my dream without losing $20k. How? In my dreams of course.

  202. This is the most interesting scam I have ever seen. I am so sorry for your loss, it greatly upsets me, but I hope you set a prime example for others interested in replica cars. God damn.

  203. Almost a genius,
    Email me and I shall forward not only my own but of other contracts signed by super replicas, money transfers etc.

    Super replicas are under investigation here in Lincolnshire, Secondly that report is to be forward to the Panamanian police, as for court, the process is for the police then the courts to deal with SS. the Lincoln county court have this on file awaiting the outcome of their reports and investigations, please be patient. Please not my police ref number provided.

    As for Tony, if that is his real name, we know it not to be, his day will come, he is and we all know it, a thief, the world knows this, he is one of the most disshonest people I have ever come across.

    Tony, the wimp has not got the courage to come out of his little hole any more, I have in emails and on here invited him to sue me, I do again….. but yet, him being a total fraud, has not got the you know whats to come through “yet again” why ?? because he is a world known fraudster and nothing to back up his pathetic claims.

    On the other hand are the many,unfortunate ones who foolishly trusted SS, we have all our contracts, money transfer etc. Yes we all made a very sad mistake, but what goes around in nature comes around, does it not !!

    Once again, forward all contracts etc for the police to my email address,

    A question for Tony, hey how come your cars all go south of the border ???!!! interesting that.

  204. call me if you would like Know my phone is 754-235-2164 I will tell you all you need to know about superreplica

  205. all of superrreplicas customers that live in the usa I know were you can get a lp570 2010 replical for 40.000.00 usd in the usa and you will not be scam for your money call me and i will give you all the information on the real deal

    Willie Cheeks thank you tony from superreplicas a name and a company you can not trust

  206. tony call me a week ago with this number 772 380 4953 …. hope you catch him……….

  207. Tom , Mark i first posted on this link
    On Feb 22nd 2008 asking questions about Super Replicas….Did yiou never ciome across it? I am English and did work in the states but am now back in the UK. I know that the crime number you have means nothing important, and the fact you have to go to county court means that nothin criminnal has taken place in this country as you are suing for a loss which should have and easily could have been avoided. I know 110% that Tony Sinclair IS a fraud and if you read my opost on there i had Sinclair by the short and curlys!!!! He slated me and made false accusations but i won through in the end. I for one am very sceptical about your threat of court action etc and it seems to me you are trying to spook the moron Sinclair into paying….Kiss the money goodbye. The whole Super Replicas is a fraud and if people like yourself would have googled there name you would have come across the web site i mention above where everything is the same as on here, but started talking about Super Replicas in 2007!!!! A little research would have saved yourself from making the preacher “TONY SINCLAIR ” richer and yourself a little poorer. I tried the same tactics with Sinclair but let me tell you he is thick skined and proof he is still about proves this!!!! I will watch on here for any replies….. Happy New Year everyone!!!!

  208. If i can be of any assitance my email is

  209. Hi Darrel,

    Thank you for your eply, The police record has been made, as for their actions it is forward to Panama, court papaers have been filled too, I shall up date you shortly.

    As for a spook, sorry not so, I have done as the court here requested, the guy is an idiot and a fraud that is clear to one and all.

    There are ways and means of catching tony, you can only run for so long.

    Many thanks,



  211. The information above is regarding as stated conversations and emails with Ferrari, they were, as I am sure you will understand, very interested in SUPER REPLICAS little antics. Please forward any further, information, contracts etc you may have, they at Ferrari are very interested to obtain them.


  212. I had great joy in speaking with BMW, ofwhich owns Lamborghini today, A miss Aimee Gessner, Legal counsel (Dept of trademarks, designs, interlectual property related issues) was very interested as was Ferrari in SUPPER REPLICAS.

    Please forward any ccontracts etc as above to

    She would love to hear from you, I tried to copy/paste the letter she wrote to me requesting any and all corrospondance etc, I shall try again later, aimee is currently corrolating ALL information and considering the required legal action.

  213. Hi again,

    Rollsroyce, Lamborghini, Ferrari/BMW await your much desired information, even corrospondance from Tony….


  215. Hello well its been a while but I thought I should mention some interesting news.
    Last week Super Replicas was visited by the police in Panama and asked for every bodies identification.
    All the staff were asked general questions and then the police left the premises. If you would like more information about the legal side of super replicas then please contact me I am Tony Sinclair and I can help with any questions you might have.

  216. Thats funny,
    The police investigation is still underway in the UK, I have spoken with the police and no contact has been made with S.S. what so ever by the police as yet untill ALL investigations have been completed etc.

    Tony, yet another smoke screen I see, you jumped there too quickly, sorry Tony

  217. hey Mark,
    There is a movie you should watch!!!! it is called Desperately seeking Susan.
    I thought mentioning that film was appropiate because the little boy who cried wolf is very desperate.
    It was not a smoke screen but rather I was informing the public of what happened.
    now I cannot even do that with out you pouncing and putting a smart comment in.
    It wasn´t need it was only a report of whats going on.
    Nothing more!!!! you don´t need to get angry and frustrated and sound so desperate to have everyone hate Super Replicas.
    After all you have really created a mob frenzy hate club there with all the hysteria.
    hate does fit a Mormon missionary Mark.

  218. Tony, would you be so kind as to leave “for the world to see” the investigationing officers details, phone number, badge number, time and date of his visit. Especially the police station from which he came from…
    Secondly did you inform him or shall I just inform all here of your accusations regarding my family of
    terrorism, child abuse, prostitution, fraud, embezzelment, relious hatred, racial hatred, the list went on and I have all the emails to prove it, ofcourse these were handed over to the police for their “further” investigations.

    All because I asked for the return of my money, not a nice company nor person to do business with.

    Once again, please Tony for us all to see and check up on for our selkves, provide the police investigators name, contact police station and phone number, ref number.

  219. No hatred at all Tony, but I noticed no information about the police ?? if they had you would have the details for us all to check up on 🙂

    Do the right thing tony and stop bringing religion, racial hatred etc in to the equation to stir up issues that do not exist, surely not becoming of a company “we can trust”

    We are all waiting for the information requested ??!!

  220. can you please inform ALL of us , especially all those of us you have stolen from around the world.

    Would you like me to name them tony, I have copies of contratcs etc from around the world, from Utah to the Middle East, UK..ETC ETC

    Just what have you done with all that many many thousands of $$$$$ ?

  221. Mark,
    you are so desperate.
    Just because I mentioned you have formed a hate club against Super Replicas with all your hysteria dosen´t mean you can turn this around and accuse me of making hate.
    Why do you invent more lies to confuse everyone.
    Mark please we don´t hate your religion we don´t hate your family.
    We would like you to stop saying hateful things about Super Replicas.
    We would like you to stop the hate hysteria against the company.
    And stop inventing and turning everything around.
    The only reason why you got on this scam link for is one reason only Mark and don´t deny it.
    You are on this link to make a big fuss so people will persecute the company.
    Your hate shows on this blog and your hatred is growing with more lies.
    We ask you to stop hurting the investors of super replicas by using this scam link as your tool of hate hysteria.
    You are making yourself look like the hate promoter on this scamlink nothing more.

  222. I was shocked when reading that old Confused charactor had returned from the dead or as he pretends to be darryl warren is now a star on Marks hate hystriea fan club.
    When are you guys going to stop attacking the only true Super Replicas kit building company with real satisfied clients and excellent products that beat the inferior UK kit trash.
    Lets face it extreme sports car´s kits are way too over rated and expensive and who really wants to put together a kit???
    I mean really!!!!! it´s costly and time consuming and not to mention it never comes out looking like an original, because it squeaks and rattles and is mounted wrong.
    This is why you should leave it to the experts to build the car not a back yard kit builder who has many broken promises and terrible work. We are the car manufacturer who can provide a service with a perfect identical car.
    Don´t trust gay Elvis Presley con men tricking you to build it yourself those kits are trash you need a perfectly designed replica that functions.
    Following the just for dummies manual and those bogus dvds never work.
    You can trust in Super replicas we are the experts in building cars.
    The only company you can trust to get it right is Super replicas with a three year warranty and with a service that wants perfection in the it is interesting to see you are still pretending to be a victim of super replicas

  223. Re: pathetic‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 10 February 2010 17:18:20
    To: mark allsworth (

    Please I beg of you don´t shoot me I am too young to die your threats scare me I don´t want Mike Allsworth to murder me with his danite gun please back off stalker leave me alone stalker stop sending threatening emails stalker I am too scared now.

    The above is the state of mind Tony Sinclair is in, silly emails backed up by no facts, but still I noticed also no police information, quite clearly lies..

    Extreme cars sell a superior product, far and above super replicas fake cars, lets all note that no one has ever seen, especially those that pay for one, yes another question un-answered by Tony, where has all that money gone you have taken from so many people, ?
    Not histeria at all, they are cold hard facts and proven too by not only I but so many other people world wide that you are a theif, I never put this site togetherm I merely contribute to it like MANY others who have had money stolen from them.
    You and super replicas are a fraud…….

    Once again, I ask openly for the name and contact details of the investigating officer who you say attended super replicas, name, phone number, badge number etc. If they came you would have these details tony, but ofcourse you dont have them do you ..!!

  224. Re: fraud‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 05 February 2010 13:29:50
    To: mark allsworth (

    “is that the reason why your wife left you and why you sent MIke to a mental institution?
    did she catch you with a little boy in bed?”

    (The disgusting accusations by Tony, filth and he says he is not hateful)

    Re: fraud‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 05 February 2010 13:28:39
    To: mark allsworth (

    “I am lucky I was an orphane live in foster homes so I know all about pedofiles like you pig”

    Once again the filth of Tony Sinclair, Super replicas, surely a a name we can not trust……

    Please the world note the name of SUPER REPLICAS at the head of the email sent to me, I have MANY like this from Super replicas, so who is threatening and stalking who ?!!

    By the way, in tonys past emails he stated he was raised by his parents in Australia, conflicts with your statement Tony of being an orphan, yet another lie

  225. Re: fraud‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 05 February 2010 13:24:53
    To: mark allsworth (

    “I just don´t want to be the boy who cried wolf I need the evidence to prove everything I am accusing your family of”

    Re: fraud‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 05 February 2010 12:52:07
    To: mark allsworth (

    “you see mark this is all true I have so much evidence that proves your family is connected to a prostitute and pedofile practicing ring in the temple while giving your mother´s name in the prayer circle
    the truth will set you free”

    Once again the low filth of super replicas.

  226. Re: illegal false accusations‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 04 February 2010 23:05:15
    To: mark allsworth (

    “sue us for exposing the truth pitiful man you pitful pitful litlle man you cannot satisfy your wife and she found out the truth that you are just a pimp working for your mother´s whore house you dumb pig moron mormon follow your fat prophet and do go astray you terrorist
    he is it worse to speak ill of the Lord´s anoited or your fat slut mother who is supporting the prostitute ring for the mormon mafia terrorists pig freedom of speech its not illegal there are 1000 s of websites dedicated to expose you scum bags of mormon and the scamming organisation pitful pig”

    Once again I have forward emails sent from super replicas, foul and just filth, I state again, “is this a company we can trust ?”

    Tony stated he is not hateful towards my religion and family, mmmmm Tony yet again you lie, in your own emails you yet again contradict your self.

  227. Re: lies‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 04 February 2010 18:03:27
    To: mark allsworth (

    “Oh please you hypocrite your son is Mormon terorist and you finance his missions you baby killers why do you robb the investors??? Embezelment is a serious crime”


    e: lies‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 04 February 2010 17:37:25
    To: mark allsworth (

    “I hope your son the Mike the terrorist has a good story where is was this day
    the British itelligence will pay him a visit soon for that you terrorist family”

    On 4 February 2010 12:35, Super Replicas wrote:

    “What cat got your tounge? He is an ugly criminal now isn´t he? Looks just like your corrupt father Tom I suppose where was your when the subway exploided or the bus blew up????”

    Re: trash‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 04 February 2010 15:29:30
    To: mark allsworth (

    No SR is not above the law like your son Mike Allsworth who is seen using guns like in the photo posted on his Facebook account.
    SR does everything by the law only.
    Anyway good try to lie again.

    On 4 February 2010 08:47, mark allsworth wrote:

    “You know the SR Board of Directors has other resources as well so lets keep this as professional as possible.
    If you
    This is how it will be”

    Police took that as I did as a threat to cause harm,

    Many thanks,


    The Police were VERY interested in tonys little threat there. I placed these eamils on here so you can see the real and true nature of Tony Sinclair, Super replicas, you see, as we all can tell super replicas are a nasty, fraudulant company and will do any thing to threaten, and put you off requesting your money bak, even lie on this site, we note also as yet, no police information I have requested apprx 5 times now… hence another lie. This is not an attempt to hurt super replicas or tony, just to point out to the world, with many others who have bben conned by tony, that they are a fraud and total thieves, is that wrong ? no it is not, merely pointing out hard and fast facts, backed up by countless MANY others who have also been conned by tony/super replicas, is it illegal to point it out ? no it is not espacially when there are facts, broken contracts from all over the world of people just like you and I having , like I said before, been conned by Tony/SUPER REPLICAS.
    Was this site set up by me, no, tony should check his facts before making such alligations, I went on here having been informed of the site and wished I had along time ago. Since then many people have conacted me, forwrading their contratcs from super replica and having sent thousands, never to see it again, from the States, Middle East, france, Sweden, Australia, UK etc etc.

    So is this site wrong in any way ?!! no not at all, infact quite the opposite, it is a just, moral site dedicated to pointing out to so many that super replicas is a fraud, bent on stealing from the general public. Why since so many have been conned, the evidence is there from around the world, does tony complain and cry wolf ! because he is losing a battle and the world and he can see it clearly, he is merely caught in his pathetic fraudulant games.

    I feel comforted in my actions to disgrace super replicas on here, by no means is it imoral. By means of solid evidence from around the world, it gathers and increases daily.

    The simple question still stands, “Tony what have you done with all the many thousands of $$$ you have stolen and never sent a car (ANY WHERE) WE ALL WANT TO KNOW” oh also the police information I have requested atleats 6 times now ??

  228. Excuse me Sir,
    but could you respect this blog by keeping your foul and inappropriate language down to a minimum.
    There are people that read this blog who would find your use of foul language distasteful.
    Mark now you have released all your anxiety and hatred towards super replicas on this blog could you give it a break.
    I believe most people are more concerned about kit cars than your intermarriage relationships!! don´t you think?

  229. Hi Tony,

    I only put on here “exactly” the emails you sent me, you are the one who is foul and make disgusting alligations, unfounded by law. It is you who uses foul accusations and liable statements not me.

    Super replicas are a scam, fraud and a lie.

    The world has seen your state of mind, lies and the sort of company you represent, it is disgusting. The people that read this want to see super replicas shut down, I am confident that will happen as the net closes in on you, we all note the second website you are setting up to hide away from your fraud,””

    Keep it to the facts tony, for the (6) time I am requesting the police details and where all the funds went tony ??!!!

  230. Re: ?‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 11 February 2010 13:26:00
    To: mark allsworth (

    “No where are all the (links) of reference and the names such as your lord´s anoited hinkley or monson in sex scandles???? you see you decieve yourself lier not me”

    I fealt it only to place this most rescant email from Tony, he stated in his earlier email that he does not hate me nor my religion, yet he actively rights this kind of email to me frequantly as above.

    And this from a man who claims to not hate etc, tony you lied again. No one is interested in your bitterness towards the church, religion has nothing to do with this site, just the facts of your fraudulant company, its facts etc, stop waisting there time.
    As for religion, any one can find any thing they want about all religions, quite frankly its a bore, it does more good than harm, but good try.

  231. I feel it may be wise to note that I have been copying emails forward to my self by Tony Sinclair…. “_”

  232. On a lighter note I would like to compare prices between DNA and Extremesportscar.
    These two kit groups offer kits of a couple of cars however they don´t have a wide range to chose from.
    Also the price for a kit from like a Lamborghini from extremesportscar is US$15,000. Unfortunetly when the kit is mounted on an old mr2 toyota they don´t take special car in bracing it properly and the interior is really unsatisfactory.
    DNA also have an inferior and costly product that is not road worthy it costs way too much to have the kit car street legal and it is easily seen as a replica not an original. A replica should be much cheaper than an original and the quality should be if not the same. However the kits built by most of these back yard operations are just not at a quality lever to be sold in a retail market. The after market products today are superior and they should be because they are after market however the kit car industry is more a hobby not a professional industry that can compete with other car manufacturers.
    Super replicas on the other hand is a car manufacturer not a kit builder or hobby back yarder we are a legit company that produces first class exotic cars. This is what seperates the boys from man the professional side of doing business to provide a worth while product.

  233. But tony you only have a certificate to repair trucks don’t you !! not for replicating exotic cars…. please place on here your certification also your certificates for exporting since you claim to do so to so many countries., each country must have it’s own.

    This can be varified through the BBB Panama. Tony / super replicas has neither.

    So all the above amounts to nothing but hot air.

  234. One of the exciting new oppurtunities with Super Replicas is now you can own a million dollar car and have make money with the worlds most exotic super cars in the world.
    I am refering to the Super replicas franchise program.
    Regarding the three fold Franchise program, we agree with you, it would be an instant success in your region, because there is no competition in your area. Launching these products now (when there are no competitors) means you will have wide spread opportunities to penetrate your car market with the new concept of owning exotic super cars at affordable prices.
    Super Replicas Franchise Department is currently seeking Franchisees to establish our Dealership and Exotic car rentals.
    Our staff in the Franchise Department is dedicated to train new potential Franchisees with all our inventory software, sales and management programs. We want to see our Franchisees succeed and with our team support we make it happen.
    The requirements for obtaining a franchise are first we offer two systems with a manufacturer and retail price structure.
    The first system is obtaining the exclusive right to purchase directly from the Manufacturer at wholesale prices and then the Franchisee selling our products at the recommended retail price.
    Once we have entered into an agreement with you to start a Franchise in your state, then what we do is we sign an agreement with you that states we never sell our cars to customers in your designated regional state and if a customer from your state inquires for a car, we will then refer them to your franchise.
    The franchise system we offer you is the security of making you the exclusive distributor in your state. This means for example that you have the exclusive right to access all of our cars on our catalog and you receive the cars on a manufacturer’s price structure (because you are going direct through us). As a Franchisee you then have the exclusive right to sell our products to your customers in your designated area at the recommended retail price.
    For example we sell you at manufacturer’s costs a Lamborghini Murcielago replica kit assembled on an MR2 Toyota chassis for US$20,000 and then you sell the car at the recommended retail price in this case it is US$43,000.
    The profit margin is more than double of the manufacturer’s price.
    The other specification is the wholesale discount of 10% which we also offer you for purchasing the cars in bulk.
    Regarding obtaining the Franchise, the requirements are that we do not require capital upfront to purchase a Franchise, instead what we require is first you are successful in purchasing at least one of our cars, then we require that you make a contract for two years for the rent of a showroom with the capacity to store five of our exotic cars.
    We then deliver the cars to your showroom on a consignment basis.
    You cannot use these cars nor sell them they are only for demonstration purposes to display to your prospective customers.

  235. Compliance to the National Standards.

    Question; Obviously all countries have their various “road worthy” standards that need to be meet to have the vehicles register for road use, do you investigate these requirements or do we and then pass on the information to you?

    Answer; Regarding the government rules and regulations we comply to all the National Road Traffic Authority safety and emissions standards. When we deliver the car to you it will have the certifications including the road worthy certificate and registration.

    Shipment of vehicles

    Question; Are the cars shipped fully completed or are they sent as parts and assembled in the Nation on arrival, it makes a difference to the import tax rate ?

    Answer; Our cars are prefabricated and assembled in Panama and Mexico then we dissemble parts of the car so we can easily reassemble the car after we shipped it in pieces and then assemble the car in the Nation, this way so we avoid the high import duty tariffs.

    Interior finish of vehicles

    Question; Are all the models finished to the original manufacturers specs and if so is this included in the US$20,000.00 per unit ?

    Answer; Regarding the interior the special package price consists of the identical interior as the original we use real leather for our upholstery.

    Further expansion of the Franchise

    Question; It would be our intention to expand the business throughout the various states, providing you were happy with our initial Franchise set-up could we open other Franchises throughout the country, the main reason for this is that we would could then have a number of business all working to the same plan, offering an outstanding product, with outstanding service and maintain the highest reputation within the motor vehicle Industry, in all our previous ventures we insist on this from all our staff, I’m sure you will agree, we would also be happy to sell future franchises on your behalf in areas that we could not practically participate due to distance.

    Answer; After you have successfully set up the first franchise and the staff are correctly trained to manage the Franchise to our satisfaction, we do not see it a problem to expand and set up other franchises in each state so long as the compliance with each state tax laws and commercial license requirements are met.

    Showroom set-up

    Question; Do you have a specific design set-up for your showrooms, if so what would they be ?

    Answer; The design of the Dealership is governed by the premises you decide to rent. Our requirements are that the space for the showroom should have the capacity to store five cars. The interior design and fascia publicity is given to you by our marketing department; we send you all those materials once you have leased the building.

    Spare parts

    Question; No doubt from time to time there will be a need for replacement parts, do you supply a basic parts range for the particular vehicles sold that we could hold in stock?

    Answer; We have a threefold mission of the Super Replicas franchise system. Our staff in the Franchise Department is dedicated to train new potential Franchisees with all our inventory software, sales and management programs. We want to see our Franchisees succeed and with our team support we make it happen. The three sections are the dealership, the auto parts section and the exotic car rentals section. The auto parts and services is connected to the dealership and you will be continually supplied with all replacement parts to shelve your storeroom supplies. We will FedEx all parts that are missing on your shelf it takes 72 hours after you have placed an order. You will have access to our online spareparts department.

    Consignment of Vehicles

    Question; I note that in the agreement there is the opportunity of having 5 vehicles on consignment for the purposes of display only, can you tell me how this works and if a client wanted to buy the car on the floor could it be sold and the appropriate amount paid to your account, it just seems to me that you have a lot of money outlaid that is not earning you any income.

    Regarding the policy on the consignment cars we have a strict reason why those cars can´t be sold, because they are our marketing sales props and without those key sales aids it will disable the business. They are a small investment when you calculate the amount of sales they will generate. However at times you are permitted and we do recommend that they are also taken to car shows and events such as the Royal show and exhibitions like the one seen in these videos; Here are two videos of our latest car show please visit Part 1 and Part 2

  236. Copyright & patent laws surrounding replicas.

    Acknowledging replicas as a genuine product

    Global replica products increase in sales throughout Europe and American markets each year.

    Legally replicas are becoming a more accepted commodity throughout the world rather than being a black market product. In a recent survey 58% of internet customers prefer purchasing replica products over original products because of the price.

    The yearly growth rate for replica sales is increasing by 34% in clothes, shoes, car parts, electrical equipment such as stereos, DVD machines, cameras, computers and exotic cars.

    Legal Terms

    Illegal replicas are those that use a false representation as being the original or when it uses the original registered trade brand name and logos.

    Logos and Brand names copyrighted and registered trade marks can never be compromised and used on a fake item.

    Using original logos and brand names on replicas falls under the violation of the counterfeiting act. The replica products with original patent logos or registered trademarks are in breech of Copyright and this is clearly illegal, however many replica companies avoid the legal repercussions by using their own patented logo.

    Counterfeits on the other hand – verboten, no doubt – as these would be a duplicate of the original and intended to be deceptive.

    Generic replicas are different they are not a counterfeit they have their independent identification.

    The generic term “Generic Replica” is not protected and therefore anybody can claim their independent brand name on their replica products.

    Counterfeiting on the other hand is falsely representing the original brand by pretending that the replicas are original and using the original logo to impersonate the designer label.

    Counterfeiting is illegal but replicas with Generic Replica names are not.

    Asian and Latin American companies produce all sorts of replica products with a slight difference in their logo and brand name.

    For example the replica athletic shoes like Adidas have only two stripes where as the original ADIDAS shows trade mark has three strips.

    When a customer sees the replica shoes on the shelf in the shoe store, he or she clearly can identify that these products are replicas.

    The customer is not mislead they know straight away that although the shape of the shoe is identical, it is a replica and not an original brand because it only has two strips.

    Also the replica PUMA shoes have the same shape and design but the logo is a Jaguar. In many cases if a person is loyal to a brand or can afford the original that customer would never consider the generic versions or replicas.

    The main argument is that replicas target a class of cliental that would never purchase originals because of the price bracket. Replicas cannot affect the growth rate of original sales because they are not targeting the same class of customer.

    Replicas and reproductions such as paintings and jewelry are used in countless consumers’ homes when there is a threat of theft or damage from a natural disaster.

    Those customers are classified differently because they duplicate their original purchased goods and keep the original products in safes and use only on special occasions.

    There is however a lot of legal confusion regarding copyright, counterfeiting and generic replicas in the legal trademark registrations of the jurisdiction of the generic seller.

    When taken into account many of the jurisdictional and underlining meanings of the laws that exist we can see there is a fine line of interpretation between generic brands, logos with original copyrighted logos and registered trade marks.

    There are those people that say it is Illegal to make replicas of a copyrighted and patented products. But which law are these people all referring to here. If an item is sold and imported from the banana republic to the US, do US laws apply to those from the banana republic?

    Also, in the USA before 1984 it was perfectly legal (although you could be sued for it civilly to make and sell a counterfeit item) in the US.

    The intention for this law was not to protect owner’s rights; it was to protect the public.

    If a generic supplier represents the product in his marketing and publicity as a fake or replica, there is in fact NO deceit involved.

    In addition, the counterfeiting statute does require Deceit for it to be considered counterfeiting or likely to confuse.

    But when clearly advertised as a replica the generic company is protected and is obeying the law.

    The main defense for the generic company is there products have an independent logo, trade mark and brand name which in no way infringes on copyright laws.

    Also if the generic product has five distinct differences from the design or makeup of its structure in the product, then it also poses no threat of violation to patent laws and is still within the boundaries of being legal.

    When the replica is not identical to the original because it is classified as having a different engineer design and structure then it is not violating the patent laws.

    For example if the exotic replica car has a different drive train, the chassis construction is engineered and assembled differently and the body is made up of different materials, then the product is clearly not an identical copy, which means it is not infringing on copy right laws.

    If the generic company created identical replicas using the exact same materials, drive train, chassis structure, then it would clearly be an infringement on copyright laws.

    If the generic company is legal and registered the defense is very strong for the generic company because it is acting within the regulations and guidelines of the copy right law.

    The term generic is also a term we should take closer examination of and understand its non relation to copyright infringement.

    ‘Generic’ is a general noun meaning the opposite of ‘branded’. For example ‘Sellotape’ and ‘Scotch Tape’ are brand names for an everyday item, but the generic term is ‘sticky tape’.

    Comparing the noun generic to the company name SUPER REPLICAS we see the same concept of generalization rather than brand identification.

    The words super and replicas has no relevance with the branded name Ferrari or Lamborghini, but the branded name and registered company Super Replicas sells all sorts of replicas including replicas of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

    The Super Replicas Company is using a generic brand name to describe their products.

    In other words they are representing super generic products (general replicas) and they are not in anyway presenting themselves or specifying they are the official Lamborghini or Ferrari distributors.

    Instead Super Replicas presents their group as manufacturing of all types of replica cars and not original cars.

    In conclusion there should not be any doubt that Super Replicas is acting within the boundaries and regulations of the copyright and patent laws.

    Super Replicas is not violating or infringing or breeching any copyright laws.

    In fact Super Replicas up holds all business and code of ethics rules and regulations in accordance with the good trading acts and practices of Mexico and Panama.

  237. Now I want to present our information regarding the legallity of Super Replicas and using our safe payment plan system.
    When the Client and SR has entered into an agreement stipulating what the Client wants to build and what specifications the Client wants the replica to be built to and is signed in the contract, then SR will build the car by stages. Each stage requires a part payment until the completion of the car.

    No payment is made until the Client is satisfied that the specified stage written in the contract has been completed.

    The Client reserves the right to see any stage of completion agreed upon in the contract, by visiting the workshop or by seeing a video or photos of the development of the car via internet or SR can make special arrangements with the Client to send the video or photos via 24 hour express mail to the Client’s residence.

    The video can be made in VHS or in DVD and will be recorded in the compatible version to adapt to the equipment used in the Client’s country.

    The Client is obligated to pay for each video and delivery expenses of those videos. The price for each video and for each delivery of the video or photos is US$45.00.

    SR will not at anytime require a part payment of a stage specified in the contract until the Client has seen the stage either via internet or by visiting the workshop.
    Please watch this video

  238. Lets all see the certification of the Lawyer you have on the site, secondly the export certificates for each contry, thirdly the police information requested 7 times now, last but not least, the explaination as to where all the funds from the many investers you have taken money from around the world and never delivered a replica car to ???

    All the above means nothing, it does not make you look a creditable company, just a smoke screen trying to cover up your illegal activities.

    I fail to understand why you have not furnished all the information as requested sooo many times now over the past week, surely suc ha company will have them to hand !!

    1: police information, name , badge, police contact details
    2: certificates of export for each country
    3: proof of prior exports etc (country, car, name)
    4: Lawyers certification, university etc (name, registration and practice)

  239. Panama Lawyers DirectoryPanama Lawyers Directory. Law firms, Lawyers, Attorneys in Panama with more than 4,000 entries ·

    According to the above named (most complete and largest database of lawyers in Panama) Super replicas lawyer does not exist. After a lengthy discussion it is to be noted that he is not registerd as a lawyer at all….. “Mr Bienvenido Del Cid” according to the Panama Lawyers Directory have never heard of him at all.

    Check for your selves, go to the link above.

  240. Please tony provide evidence of super replicas company registration,

    1: Registration number,
    2: Official registered name, title…
    3: Owners of the company, names of Directors
    4: Contact detail of C.E.O and Directors
    5: Evidence of sales abroad and any evidence of any sales in general
    6: Company classification, certification
    7: Export certification, each country has it’s own
    8: police information, name , badge number, contact details etc this has been requested 8 times now
    9: Lawyers accreditation, University, barr etc, for Mr Bienvenido Del Cid.. your company lawyer

    Please feel free to post all the information on this site, we will look forward to reading it VERY shortly, after all “super replicas a name we can trust”

    The above should be no problem to obtain for you tony

  241. Mark I will not dignify your ramblings with an answer only because your nonsense is for one reason only and that is to try and attack the credibility of the corporation.
    Anything we try and say you attack.
    You are obviously driven with hate and obsession.
    This is noted by all those who have sent us emails stating the same thing.
    You made your point and yet you keep pouncing on this site like you are the owner of the scamlink or for that matter an employee of extremesportscar to promote business there way.
    I must admit you are ready to shoot first and ask questions later.
    If you were as zealous as you are with this site defending extremesportscar and attacking Super Replicas and started diligently investigating your own religous doctrine you might become a saint.
    However money is the root of all evil and you loving the commissions paid by extremesportscar ( our kit car competitors) into your bank account (which is truely a conflict of interest I might add) demonstrates that you are not sincere at all and your mission is to attack the credibility of Super replicas and promote the oposition (extremesportscars.).
    Here is a test for all those reading this post.
    If Mark is all he pretends to be a man with a noble mission to tarnish Super replicas, why doesn´t Mark contact ferrari and report on extremesportscarthat they are a pirate company that they are making illegal copyright designs of Ferrari.
    Lets just look at the big picture here!!!!!
    it even would be fair to say there is pure hypocrisy being practiced here by Mark.
    I mean really Mark have you reported to Ferrari against DNA or extremesportscar that they are violating the copyright law by stealing and pirating the ferrari design and selling the design on the internet?
    Why not Mark??? why are you so faithful in protecting these pirates and yet condemn Super replicas?
    The answer is simple you are getting paid to come on here and write continual nonsense.
    No one on this blog wants to read about your relationships with men or women.
    No one wants here about ridiculing your family or your religion. You bring up mud on this site and you falsely claim we wrote it.
    We don´t write those horrific things to you.
    Why would you stoop so low as to say that we call your mother terrible things.
    We don´t even know your mother´s name.
    I mean you are making all this slander up to demonizesuper replicas.
    we are very civilized we wouldn´t say such ugly things about your son or your divorce or your mother for that matter.
    We don´t hate you Mark we are concerned however that you are just getting too carried away in desperation to try and make people think that Super replicas staff have nothing else better to do than to spend all day calling your mother terrible names.
    Mark it is not professional and what you are saying is just really exposing yourself up as a desperate person saying hurtful things to harm Super replicas reputation.
    These emails you claim that we wrote are all false you have cut and pasted our address and then twisted everything and put your own words on these emails pretending Super replicas would write such obscene language.
    Just for the record it is not true it is a lie.
    The staff are trained to be kind and courteous to our customers. We are very polite we greet you with hello Sir how can we help you.
    We don´t say such nasty things about our customers mothers or siblings.
    Please Mark get the facts right.
    And stop lieing and give it a rest.
    everyone now has seen you have come on this blog enough now with all sorts of stories.
    We don´t think you are a stalker or a bad person we do think however that you have some issues that you need to resolve somewhere else you really don´t get much sympathy here because people are laughing at your ridiculas claims of verbal abuse. We don´y say those type of things its just not professional.
    We don´t hate your mother or your religion and please you don´t need to defend your religion on this blog some are writing to us saying you are just bible bashing on this site.
    leave it alone please Mark.

  242. Oh tony, you try so hard to look so kind, lets see the emails you claim you get from others, I have kept and forward to the police ALL the emails you have sent regarding relifion and family etc etc, remember this that all emails can be traced tony, this flies in the face of your copy and paste scam.
    As for working for Extreme etc I work for no company, you have made such foul and disgusting claims of filth on this site, you are caught out tony and squeirming your way out trying to look so sweet, you can not tony, the world knows you sent the emails, they have all been conned by you as many many others have been not even lidted on this site, nice try.
    As for the questions you refuse to answer simply because you can not, it is as simple as that, so you try to discredit me by you yet again false accusations, it does not and will not work, simply because we can all see through your little game.

    You should, being as you say a trustworthy company, be able to furnish all the information to make good your name, but you simply can not because you do not have any of the information, in addition to this you are just a scam and been aloud to run away with it for so long now that you hate the fact the some one has sterpped up and called your bluff, you are caught and the world see’e you for who you are, A SCAM ARTIST.


    I will forward all emails for any one to see the filth that tony has sent me, time, dates, contents etc, the emails are very clear as to where they are from and to its destination. No copy and pasting, just tonys filth.


    Tony lets see the eveidence of all youyr accusations, iv provided mine of you and your conning lies and filth against not just I but all those that you have conned.

    Your are a thief and a fraud.

  243. Tony, would you like for me to replay the voice recording to all who requests to hear it where you are accusing others of being child molesters, where you name other companies and swear, admit you owe not only me but others money, I still have that recording, not to mention the police have a copy.

    Remember that conversation tony !, I do and will play it for any one who requests it.

  244. Please provide all the information requested tony (by me several times now), prove us all wrong, IF you have all the information it shouldnt be hard to put on here so we can all check it’s validity, simple request. Just to help, it’s the list above your last little note…..

  245. Hi everyone, go through the site, read ALL THE NAMES OF THOSE CONNED by tony, then ask him where all the money went, the kindly ask for all the eveidence I have several times asked for now.

    Incaes you need confirmation of emails, (you can check up them for your selves of their validity) in addition if you have been conned by tony along with the rest of us, please forward your details, I will in return forward all the copies of contratcs etc of those contacted me todate.

  246. Hi again,

    I have put much thought to this site, please check fore your selves a website names “LAMBOBUILDER.COM” you will see a (fraud alert) bottom left hand corner. You will clearly see how tony used their website, placed and used pictures from other sites claiming to be his own work.

    In addition to this the catalogue of many many people ofwhich he has taken money from, (note the many on this site from around the world) and never recieved a single car.

    Then there is the non-compliance to provide the eveidence asked for, such as sales, lawyers details, police contact details, the list goes on and on, yet still tony refuses to answer sinple questions whilst all the time attempting to appear innocent.

    Why, if he is not a fraud, does he not not only provide the evidence asked for but answer the question as to where all the money has gone, noyt only this, why do so many replica companies, complain of him using their pictures etc if he makes his own, flies in the face of reason doesnt it. !!

    Check out for your selves “” then go back over this site and read the many people he has stolen from, request their transfer records, contracts etc, it is all evidence that tony is a fraud. I am confident that they will willingly furnish you them, Also if I am the fraud, as tony likes to claim, why have so many people from around the world contacted me with their contracts with tony’s signature on them, bank transfers of countless thousands of £££ to super replicas, ? if I am wrong etc,

    It is clear that super replicas is a total fraud, tony a scam artist, their fraudulant bank account is hurting, this is clear because we have all caught on now to his little game, but I am sure that tony will find another scam line to go on to next.

    Note also “fantastic” another of tonys little gems just set for fraud and take advantage of those innocent people.

    “” is a clasic of tonys fraudulant games……. way the sums my friends,
    the many people he owes many around the world
    undelivered cars
    accusations of fraud
    refusal to answer the phone to those he owes many
    constant excuses given for non delivery
    )the many on here alone that have openly stated he owes money to and never delivered)

    No tony, I am not the fraud, YOU are and we all see it…

    Please contact me with your broken contracts and please note also its a classic “LAMBOBUILDER.COM” shows the rtue tony/super replicas

    once again, please contact me any time, I am always willing to assist in any way possible.


    very interesting evidence against super replicas

  248. The following are emails forward to me, please read the time and dates, these can be forward to prove the originator.

    Re: ?‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 11 February 2010 15:30:12
    To: mark allsworth (

    “O by the way I would call mother Terresa a saint before I could dare even contimplate you were a latter day saint.
    I would be ashamed if I was you to claim to be a saint you are not worthy of such a title.
    There are very few people in the world I would think in this generation could pass with a lifestyle close to saint hood such as Ghandi and you ain´t anyway in a level of spirtuality to Ghandi so if you think you are more righteous than ghandi then maybe I could call you a saint but please don´t think you can buy you way into heaven with your bogus fire insurance tithes and offerings because this doesn´t qualify you as a true saint just an imposter scamming people”.
    Second email from tony. note again time and date of the originator.
    e: ?‏
    From: Super Replicas (
    Sent: 11 February 2010 15:25:46
    To: mark allsworth (

    “Look I am not sure what you imply all the time regarding exommunication.
    I am not who you think I am I don´t want to be a mormon and I have no need with you bible bashing but so we are clear the websites seem to all exploit one issue that you will not respond to.
    Joe Smith restored a church of christ church in 1830 with restored ordinances changed by a abominable church.
    Now according to all the mormon history there was a change of the mormon doctrine and practices since the death of Joe Smith.
    These changes were for convience or as the book of mormon states changes were made for the praise of the world.
    You want world acceptance so deny and cover up is how you acheive a multi billion dollar corporation in the disguise of a charity organisation.
    This is why you are not a member of a church but rather a cult of lawyers and businessmen.
    A modern day version of the apostate Nephite cult.”

    The above two emails from tony, once again can be forward to prove originality to your selves, no copy and pasting involved.

    This again shows his email etc also his nasty lies and poor business manner, yet again he has lied on this site.

    I place these on here to show the world his lies, intent to misslead you all in to thinking he is innocent of all ill on here.

    Tony, grow up and admit you are a fraud and a liar, lets look at it, even “” caught you out.

  249. No better name to describe SRs than the one chosen by its founders.

    SR is a name synonymous to building super car replicas. SR is a car manufacturer with qualified fiberglass craftsmen who have over thirty years experience in the fiberglass replica industry.

    The motto SR a name you can trust is a slogan our staff stands by with dignity. Our professional service and devotion of our staff to make better fiberglass replicas in a shorter time frame gives SR the ability to move ahead in the 21st century. To compete internationally in this new era of modern technology of the fiberglass replica industry, SR has had to advance in quality and efficiency. Today at SR we use some of the world’s most advance technology to recreate a pattern mould of a new model car that was just released into the car market. The high technology we use to produce our replicas gives us the ability to have a wider range of super cars for you to choose from in the SR Catalog.

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    Executive Summary of NAFTA and how it functions.

    This is a brief overview of the opportunities available in Mexico to firms contemplating overseas production sharing in the form of Mexico’s Maquiladora or “in-bond” program. Important factors which make Maquiladoras attractive include: • Low cost labor: Wages range from 15% to 25% of comparable rates in the U.S. Normal work week is 48 hours. Productivity often exceeds the U.S. rates. (U.S. Bureau of Labor) • Favorable duty/tax treatment: Southbound, the Mexican government allows duty-free imports of all materials and machinery needed for the plant. Northbound, many North American sourced products are now duty free under NAFTA. • 100% Ownership of subsidiary: Leaves total control for all operations in the hands of the parent. There are professional services available to handle such matters as personnel, accounting and import/export management. • Proximity to U.S.: Lower turnaround times compared to other low labor rate countries, lower transportation costs, and the ability for managers or skilled technicians to commute on a daily basis to the Mexican facilities is possible in the border areas. • Access to the Mexican Market: Maquilas may currently sell up to 55% of their previous years export output in Mexico’s 90 Million person consumer market.

    What is a Maquila?

    A Maquiladora or Maquila (used interchangeably) is a plant in Mexico that retains a Maquiladora Permit from the Mexican government to import raw materials duty free into Mexico for manufacturing, assembly, repair or other processing. The foreign company must agree to re-export a majority of its production. Originally known as the Border Industrialization Program, the Maquiladora or “in bond” industry was designed to reduce unemployment in the border regions. Mexico gains over $3 billion in hard currency each year for its foreign exchange balance, as much as from tourism. Mexico hopes to also benefit from the technology transfer and training provided by foreign companies as they integrate with the local economy. Each Mexican administration has supported the industry with new laws and decrees designed to streamline the process and increase foreign investment. Maquilas may now easily sell to other Maquiladoras. Job creation south of the border reduces immigration pressure and helps strengthen and stabilize the Mexican economy. There are many jobs created in the U.S. to support and supply the industry, since over 95% of Maquiladoras’ raw materials and machinery are sourced in the U.S. Mexico’s currency was overvalued before the December 1994 financial crisis. The subsequent free-fall in the value of the peso is now spurring Maquila growth. NAFTA is also forcing third country (mostly Asian) manufacturers to establish North American facilities to gain duty free access to the Mexican Market.

    Source: Twin Plant News, U.S. Bureau of Labor Proximity to the world’s largest consumer market, favorable tariff treatment in both directions, and relative political stability has made Mexico an especially attractive site for off-shore production and assembly. The Mexican government allows 100% foreign owned subsidiaries to operate in Mexico. The Mexican government sees the Maquiladora as a tool for the diversification of Mexican industry– the first step to economic self-sufficiency. This is an opportunity that cannot be ignored by any manufacturer with processes that include a significant labor content.

    Article 27, Section 1 of the Mexican constitution disallows the foreign ownership of land in the “forbidden zone” – that area of land within 100 kilometers of the borders or 50 kilometers from the coasts. Leases were allowed for a maximum period of ten years. This applied to any company that did not specifically exclude foreign shareholders. A 1971 law allowed foreigners to purchase land through a trust called a Fideicomiso with a Mexican bank. The bank holds the title, while all benefits of ownership are retained by the foreign owner. The latest Foreign Investment Law passed in December of 1993, has continued the gradual loosening of restrictions to foreign ownership. Foreign owned Mexican corporations – even 100% foreign owned corporations – can now directly purchase commercial and industrial (non-residential) real estate without requiring a trust. Foreigners may now directly purchase residential land in the forbiden zone through a Fideicomiso, with an initial term of 50 years. Under most conditions the Fideicomiso can be extended for a new 50 year term. Typical costs for finished industrial pads range from $3.00 to $9.50 per square foot along the U.S. border. Prices are usually higher than what most foreign companies expect due to the few sellers and limited land with industrial infrastructure. Many land lords will only lease, prefering to keep the property as a patrimony to their decendents.

    What Companies use Maquilas?

    Almost all of Americas largest and best known companies have some sort of manufacturing operation or subsidiary in Mexico. These include the auto industry giants like GM, Ford and Chrysler, and most of their suppliers, like Champion Sparkplugs and Cooper Tire. Rockwell International, Baxter Healthcare, IBM, Hughes Aircraft and Black & Decker also manufacture in Mexico. There are over two thousand U.S. manufacturers directly operating Maquilas. Japanese companies like JVC, Sharp, Sony, Sanyo, Casio, Kyocera, Pioneer and Cannon have plants in Tijuana. Taiwanese and Korean manufacturers like Ichia Rubber, Samsung and Hyundai are also setting up plants in Mexico. The motivations of these companies are not only the labor rates but also low tariff access to the U.S. market. Source: SECOFI The preceding chart shows the Maquila industry’s diversity, which has been steadily increasing over the last few years. The percentages shown are for number of employees. The Maquila is now an open system, whereby companies can buy raw materials, components or packaging materials from other Maquilas or Mexican companies. As more companies enter the Maquila market, the diversity of materials, services and sub-assemblies available in Mexico increases,facilitating component sourcing. PC board assemblers, printers, packaging, safety and industrial parts suppliers, and plastic, metal, and foam fabricators and molders supply maquilas on a Just-In-Time basis from nearby contract shops. This will be a major source of cost improvements in the future for those companies that take advantage of it.

    Where are they?

    Most maquilas are located in the Mexican border states of Baja California and Chihuahua. The cities which have attracted the overwhelming majority of maquilas are Ciudad Juarez across the Rio Grande from El Paso and Tijuana, San Diego’s southerly neighbour. The larger maquilas are typically found in the Juarez area, whereas there is a large number of small Maquilas in Baja California. The intensity of Union activity decreases as one heads West along the border – Tamaulipas unions, on the Eastern seaboard, boasts over 90% control of the maquilas located there, and only 5% of Tijuana’s maquilas are unionized. Some of the other states with significant Maquila activity include:

    The profit associated with moving production to Mexico depends on the balance between labor cost reduction, tariff and transportation costs and the fixed cost of the move. There is a continuum of alternatives available depending on the size and time frame of the operation needed in Mexico and the specific skills required of the labor force. The general terminology used for these alternatives is: 1) sub-contract– when the assembler bills on a per unit basis– 2) shelter – for administrative services with a labor hour billing scheme, and 3) Wholly owned and operated subsidiary. There are a continuum of options depending on negotiated contracts. Some wholly owned subsidiaries contract for certain services such as import/export and accounting support with traditional ‘shelter’ companies. Some shelters pass through many costs . Under the traditional shelter, the U.S. company supplies capital equipment, raw materials and technology. The shelter handles start-up permits, basic facilities, labor, customs, accounting, legal, and transportation on the Mexican side of the border. Different firms handle these aspects differently. Some will provide a menu of services including personnel, import/export management, freight forwarding, general administrative, accounting services or initial permit processing from which to chose; others will provide only a complete turnkey approach. The cost of these services are burdened to direct labor hours and charged to the U.S. firm. These charges are typically between $3.00 and $10.00 per direct labor hour, depending on the number of workers and the contractual obligations of the shelter. The shelter can be a fast method of entry into Maquila production because a manufacturer can focus on establishing the production process, and can let the shelter handle administrative and start-up issues. After a few months or sometimes years, the administrative, personnel, import/export and accounting systems are established and the shelter is no longer needed. Wholly Owned Subsidiary: This alternative takes the most time, energy and capital to start-up, but if the commitment is long term or the number of direct line workers exceeds 100, it is usually the most cost effective. Fully burdened labor costs in Tijuana range from $1.00 to $3.50 depending on skills required. Different industries and shelter operators will experience different cost structures, but it is generally agreed that it is not worth setting up a shelter or subsidiary for less than 15 direct laborers – the start-up costs and overheads associated with management, import/export and transportation in Mexico are not worth the savings attained with such a small direct labor force. As the size of the operation grows, the wholly owned subsidiary becomes the most economically attractive way to enter into Mexico. The difficulty of starting a subsidiary has been steadily decreasing as the Mexican government and institutions have matured. There is now a Maquila window at SECOFI (Secretary of Commerce and industry) where many of initial permits can be applied for with just one stop.

    Location Decision

    The location decision for industrial facilities takes on a special significance in Mexico. In a macro sense, cities on the border offer different rewards and problems than interior cities. The border offers easy access and greater infrastructure but higher labor and land costs. The interior can be a real bargain for labor and land but at the price of difficult transportation, infrastructure and communications. The right choice depends on U.S. market locations, personnel skills requirements, freight volume, and U.S. based management intensity. In the micro sense, location within a Mexican market can be even more critical. Proper location can reduce labor costs as much as 25% and, more importantly, reduce labor turnover by as much as 75%. The key variables are proximity to worker housing and industrial density. Workers who can walk to work will accept lower wages to avoid a commute. They also exhibit greater loyalty to a job that allows them more time with families. Other significant issues of plant location are permit status, zoning, and infrastructure availability. Not every property marketed in Mexico for industrial use has industrial zoning and not every property can be approved for a Maquila permit by SECOFI and SEDESOL.* Reliable infrastructure availability is location sensitive as well. Most facilities in Mexico are constructed on a build to suit basis due to the lack of bank financing for real estate development. Construction time is generally 4-7 months depending on the season. The construction period allows time for the permit process and infrastructure hook-up. Construction costs for a typical 30,000 square foot shell warehouse range around $15 dollars per foot. Rents in Tijuana range from $0.30-$0.40 per foot on a shell basis. The quality of construction has improved dramatically in Mexico in recent years. U.S. style concrete tilt-up buildings are now available in the major Mexican markets. Prices remain reasonable at levels slightly below comparable U.S. space. Maquila Properties Lomelin keeps abreast of all available commercial real estate and can find the best alternatives based on your site selection criteria. Once the best sites are selected, Maquila Properties will negotiate the most favorable terms and lowest total occupancy cost and flexibility.


    This is the reason companies come to Mexico. Wages are low in dollar terms. The regular work week is 48 hours. Productivity is high if management learns how to effectively deal with the Mexican laborer. It must be recognized that Mexicans come from a very different cultural background, the types of incentives used in the U.S. may not be motivating to the typical Mexican laborer. Mexican family life continues until a relatively advanced age. Many households include members from three or four generations. Respect for elders carries to the workplace. Stratification of the different classes of society is still strong. Titles and position are more important in Mexican society than in the U.S. Subordinates are not used to being delegated authority. The use of qualified, experienced Mexican management is of great help in learning the proper management tools for effective management of our very different neighbors. There are proffessional recruiting companies that can help you find just the right management.

    Labor Laws

    Mexican Law establishes the minimum wage as well as fringe benefits. Wage scales are adjusted periodically and vary by region. The rate is based on a 48 hour work week. In addition to the seven legal holidays, the worker is entitled to a week vacation paid at a vacation pay rate of 25% more than his normal pay. After each of the first five years of service, an additional 2 days paid vacation must be granted for each year. A Christmas bonus of 15 days pay must be paid on or before December 20. Overtime pay is twice the regular rate, and cannot be more than 9 hours per week. Work on Sundays or holidays are paid at a rate at least 25% higher than the normal wage. A profit sharing program amounting to at least 10% of pretax profits must accrue to all employees of 1 year or more. Payroll taxes include INFONAVIT, a housing tax and mandatory employer contribution to a retirement plan equal to 5% of the payroll, education tax of 1%, and Social Security tax that varies between occupations. The Social Security tax averages around 15% and covers hospitalization, medical care, surgery, unemployment and old age compensation. There is also a Baja California state tax on incomes. The total burden is approximately 35% but call your Mexican accountant for the latest rates in this dynamic system.


    Mexican tax is constantly changing. The latest changes are associated with the 1994 tax treaty between the US and Mexico Periods of hyper-inflation have strained the governments ability to formulate equitable rules. A recent method of accelerated cost recovery allows a company to depreciate 51% of the value of an asset in its first year of use. This asset can no longer be depreciated after the use of this deduction. This, along with a five year carry forward of losses allows companies to shield profits very effectively. Careful tax planning with a top-notch Mexican accountant will pay for itself many times in the course of your Mexican investment. Here are some of the most important Mexican tax considerations: Asset Tax. The latest in a series of taxes designed to reduce tax evasion is the 1989 2% Asset tax. This is a minimum alternative tax that comes into play when a company pays less than 2% of its asset value in income tax. This tax does not apply in the first two years of operation and is not currently creditable under the U.S. foreign tax credit. The value of assets includes the liabilities associated with the assets. Income Tax. Corporate income tax is progressive up to a maximum of 34%. I.V.A. (Value Added Tax). A value added tax is imposed on all sales and imports in Mexico. This tax amounts to 10% of normal sales or imports. Exports are not taxed. A Maquila can be credited with the IVA that they have paid to Mexican suppliers when they export. An important aspect of the Maquila Program is that this allows the Foreign owned company to avoid the IVA tax upon importation of raw materials and machinery imported temporarily. The Future The positive factors of the NAFTA for the Maquiladora industry include a lowering of costs of Mexican sourced products, reduction in transportation costs, a broader range of financial and insurance options, and easier access to the Mexican consumer markets.

  250. That meant absolutely nothing on here, to say the least. Just answer the questions tony please else you are just spouting hot air and accomplishing nothing, because we all know the true super replicas motives….. Fraud.

    You are wasting your time on here., the truth is known.

  251. Certificates tony,

    Lawyers creditation etc
    Export certification
    police information requested etc etc etc etc

    We are still waiting, all the above proves nothing.

  252. Again you prove my point that you cannot be trusted because not only are you associated with the owners of Extremesportcar (that build inferior kits), you are lying and waisting everybodies time attacking Super replicas.
    You see we know you were working with a lier who was sued for lieing.
    His name is Paul H. Dunn,
    according to wikipedia he was found lieing to make money the same thing you are doing with extremesportscar.
    You have a conflict of interest you are following your leader Paul H. Dunn to lie against super replicas so you can receive a commission to bring sales their extremesportscar way.
    This is the proof.
    please visit this link at
    Among Dunn’s claims that came to be questioned were:

    that Dunn had played major league baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals;[1]
    that Dunn was one of only six in his 1000-man combat group who survived World War II, and was the only one of the six survivors who wasn’t wounded;[2]
    that Dunn was the sole survivor among 11 infantrymen in a 100-yard race against death, during which one burst of machine-gun fire ripped his right boot off, another tore off his ammunition and canteen belt and yet another split his helmet in half—all without wounding him.[2]
    that Dunn’s best friend died in his arms from serious injuries sustained in a battle on Okinawa.[3]
    When confronted with evidence that several of his stories were either completely falsified or substantially embellished, Dunn admitted that the stories were not completely true, yet continued to defend his use of the stories: “I haven’t purposely tried to embellish or rewrite history. I’ve tried to illustrate points that would create interest. [I was] simply putting history in little finer packages.
    This is exactly what you Mark are guilty of creating hysteria waisting everybodys time with childish games.

  253. Tony prove your accusations please, I have regarding to you and super replicas fraud, for example lawyers, exporting, money taken and proven on this site by the many noted, but the best is you stated on here saturday that you dont hate my relligion and yet you just proved to one and all you lied, thank you again, we all see you lied, nice one 🙂

  254. Please answer Mark’s questions. If you have nothing to hide then you should not have a problem doing so. If you cannot answer them then please go away. There is no person here who wants to hear just more hot air from you Tony. You have proved nothing with all your ramblings.

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