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Since the nature of this blog is to help people avoid getting ripped off by fraudulent websites, I thought it would be better to start with an article about a website that has caused great commotion among the car aficionado community Super Replicas.

Super Replicas claim to be a company located in Panama, dedicated to sports & luxury cars replica construction with state of the art technology. I first learned about them a while ago by searching replica kit car makers on the web, and they amazed me with the detail shown in the pictures of their replicas and the extremely low price tags on their products -$20K US, however, as I began researching this company’s exact location, manufacturing process and products specifications I came across several inconsistencies such as the following:

While reviewing the pictures and videos of their facilities and building process, I couldn’t help to notice that at no point they show images of the actual replicas being crafted or a finished product, instead I found images of an old car being stripped down in pieces in what seemed to be an average mechanical  garage, a bunch of welded steel tubes in the ground that in no way could possibly constitute a functional tubular steel chassis, and finally photoshop-altered images of their staff with not a replica but the actual sports car.

This concerned me deeply so I turned to public forums in the web for information about this company, and found a blog in particular that caught my attention Chiriquí Chatter, mainly because it’s written by an American living in Panama who at some point got an email asking him to check if Super Replicas information were accurate in order to make business with them. Now this fellow took the trouble of making an appointment with Super Replicas staff to take a tour of their operations, at the end of which he did not see any replica car, but they promised to call him three weeks later to take a ride in a finished car, however eight weeks after that he hadn’t heard from them nor seen any replica car.

Afterwards, I decided to make a final review of the information I had gathered so far in order to make an objective opinion about Super Replicas, and I noticed they also offer concept car replicas which to my knowledge would be impossible to replicate since these vehicles are prototypes that have not been released to the market, disturbing facts that led me to believe Super Replicas is running a scam operation over the internet taking advantage of the dreams of car enthusiasts all over the world.